Bring Your Kids to Work Day

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Here we are with Lucia, Georgia, Ella, Olivia, and Connie (and Molly, Hugo and Tristan, too)

Cake making

Today we started with cup cake making, we gave a gingerbread man to every person who is working in the office today- let’s see what they thought of it!!!

Lucia, age 9: “I thought the cup-cake making was really fun. I think the first one was the best one. We had chocolate stars, icing, sprinkles, (Never forget the sprinkles!) Flowers (the one you put on cupcakes.)”
Connie, age 6: “I liked yummy chocolate stars and all the sticky icing”

Christmas card

After that we had lots of fun gluing and drawing Christmas cards, I wonder what one will be chosen to be printed? All of the cards printed will be given to the clients.

Olivia, age 8: “I really liked the cute robin stickers and it was very fun to do!”
Ella, age 8: “I liked sticking the pretty stickers on the paper and using GLITTER!

Face Painting

Graeme, one of SiteVisibility’s Digital Marketing Managers, came and painted our faces. (It was really cold paint!!). He was cool! And he painted our faces to look like dogs!

Connie, age 6: “I liked the paint brush tickling me”


Simon, a Multi-Lingual Digital Marketing Consultant at SiteVisibility came and taught us some words in a different language.
Lucia, age 9: “We learnt French, Italian and that’s it. Look what we learnt! Italian for extra cheese is ‘Piu’ formaggio’ and now in French I can say I’m going to dinner! ‘Je vais manger mon diner’!”
Georgia, age 9: I can say ‘I love bunnies’ in French – J’adore les lapins'”


We really enjoyed this part of the day – this activity included skill memory and most of all patience!!!! Al, a Digital Marketing Consultant, was a great teacher!
Georgia, age 9: “I REALLY liked making up tunes on the online piano”
Lucia, age 9: “I liked playing on the online guitar”

Fun time

In fun time we did lots of thing including eating a scrumptious pizza!!! Yum Yum Yum!!!!!!
Connie, age 6: “I liked my yummy croissant “
Olivia, age 8: “I liked eating my pizza”
Ella, age 8: “I liked doing the limerick”

Our Limericks! We made videos and you can watch them, too!

This post was written by Georgia Woodford and Olivia Klander.

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