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With Facebook becoming a true behemoth of the online world, businesses are taking a wider view of how to utilise it for biggest impact. This will usually take the form of business pages and, in conjunction with Twitter, will be used to engage with customers. However, Facebook also has another trick up its sleeve: Pay-Per-Click advertising. Whilst this could be considered analogous to Google’s display network (sites that have agreed to display Google AdWords ads alongside content deemed to be relevant by Google), there are several key differences that, when utilised properly, make Facebook’s offering a much more powerful option.

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These differences are predominantly within the targeting options available. Facebook holds a huge amount of information on us all, this includes but is not limited to; location, marital status, interests and education information. Whilst on their own there is nothing particularly special here, once these characteristics start to be combined they can be used to define some really interesting marketing segments.

This means that you can get incredibly targeted when deciding which groups your ad is showing to. No longer are you just limited by the type of person that may go to a website, with Facebook PPC you are able to target at a truly granular level. This could just be people that are interested in your product or service, or possibly those that are interested in competitors. This allows you to hit the main point of PPC advertising, RELEVANCY. These people are already showing an interest in what you do. Therefore, you know that your media spend is only going to be spent on worthwhile prospects.

With this level of granular targeting its important you deliver interesting and engaging ad copy. Images are of key importance here, it is what will initially draw the eye. You need to choose pictures that will capture people’s attention, educate them and reinforce your branding. The ad copy should convince people to click on your ad, using the character limit to clearly state what it is you are offering and provide them with a call-to-action.

Businesses are quickly recognising the power of Facebook PPC, but well targeted, relevant ads are still able to shine. This can mean inexpensive clicks that have a better quality than the display network can offer. With Facebook’s reach and advanced demographic targeting it is sure that this won’t stay this way for long.

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