See Kelvin Speak at A4UExpo in London, 18th – 19th October 2011

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I’m very chuffed to be speaking at the upcoming a4uexpo in London on the 18th – 19th October 2011, as this event is aimed at the affiliate industry and has some of the best speakers in search. By some Jedi mind trick I’ve managed to convince them to let me to speak on two sessions.

I’m opening the first day with a session titled The Science of Influence & Engagement and here’s the session synopsis: the business of affiliate marketing would be a bunch easier if we better understood how people think. The good news is scientists have been studying influence and engagement for decades.

This session will cover how the science of psychology, behavioural economics and game theory can help us market our products and services with more success. If you need to influence or persuade somebody to do something then this is the session for you.

I’m going to be talking about tricks our minds plays on us AKA ‘cognitive biases’ and what marketers can do to take advantage of this. I was involved in helping select the speakers for this session and I’m hugely chuffed to be sharing the stage with two of the brightest minds in the industry, Will Critchlow from Distilled and Stephen Pavlovich from Conversion Factory.

The second panel is Internet Sleuthing: Gathering the Intelligence Required to Beat the Competition with Sam Crocker from OMD and David Sottimano from Distilled. What will we be talking about? Knowing your competitors’ plans and their areas of past success are essential insights for any brand, affiliate, or webmaster. Identifying how to compete in the SERPs for a given product or vertical is essential and while no two are identical, having the right tools can help ensure success irrespective of the competitive landscape.

As such, we will provide the industrial grade tools and techniques required for finding what will work in your particular niche. This panel is dedicated to exploring the latest and greatest in techniques for finding out valuable competitor insights and learning the things that your competitors don’t want you to know. The final step will be to take webmasters through how to ensure their data is well protected and how to throw competitors off the scent.

I’m really looking forward to this one. Sam and David always bring their A-game to presentations and I’m going to do my best to knock it out of the park.

If these sessions, plus two days of talks on all areas of digital marketing, sounds up your street you can get your hands on tickets here. Plus, as a special treat to you a 10% discount can be used to make an already great value ticket a bargain. The code is SPEAK10%

Hope to see you there.

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