Google’s Panda – A Case Study – Jonny Stewart ( @jonaths ) #brightonseo

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Jonny Stewart is Head of Search & Social Media at The Review Centre, and has been working in search for over seven years. He spoke first at BrightonSEO, with a presentation all about the Google Panda update, something which his followers on twitter will know is close to his heart.

Google's Panda

The Google Panda update is an update which was made to Google’s algorithm this year, in order to provide users with better search results. The aim of the move was to reduce the number of low quality content sites being shown in the search results. Google Panda effected a great number of websites, but some sites suffered worse than others, and digital marketers have been trying to understand the change ever since.

This presentation presented data and insights from The Review Centre website, which was severely impacted by the Panda update, and the efforts and activities which were undertaken in order to overcome it.

Jonathan summarised the changes that The Review Centre had undertaken in order to try to counter-act the effects of the Panda update, including a cycle estimating the time taken for changes to be made, content to be re-crawled and Panda to be re-run. Four months was a conservative estimate about the amount of time it would take a website to recover from the update.

His conclusion was that brand signals are playing an increasingly important role in ranking content, and said that this explained why similar sites such as Trip Advisor had not been so badly effected, or “pandarised”.

Panda photo used courtesy of @zidane_0120 on Flickr

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  1. Hi Alan, the videos are not very clear.
    do you have the better version.

    I think Panda update seriously
    has punch those duplicate content hard.
    Which is good of course.

  2. Author

    Hi John, I’m afraid this is the only video we have of this presentation. We do also have an audio recording which might find its way onto the blog soon.

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