Top Free Twitter Tools for 2011

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I’ve been getting more and more involved with social media lately, especially with Twitter, which in turn has led me to conduct a lot of research into free tools to help with my work. After some lengthy sessions of going through blog posts about Twitter tools lists and then using them, I initially realised that there are so many out there. However, despite the fact that there are many tools and blog posts about them, there are very few people who have looked into making a definitive list of completely useful tools (I stress the importance of useful). Therefore, for your reading and Twitter pleasure I have whittled them all down to my top 5 list of free Twitter tools for 2011.

small bird. big wire.

Ok, here we go! First up is:
This tool is the only tool out there which can give you detailed free stats on your Twitter account. There are several other tools such as ‘twitterstats’ and ‘archivist’ which look pretty but don’t offer any concrete data. Twoolr gives you a nice dashboard of stats to look through. You can view the times of the day you tweet, where you use Twitter, how often you post, account growth as well as giving you the possibility to view who has followed and un-followed you by date. Finally, you can also find information on your re-tweets and the times of when you are re-tweeted the most. In short, this is the only free tool which will give you those all-important Twitter stats.

I personally have found this tool the most useful of all. I have often sat on Ttwitter thinking, ‘how can I find more relevant followers and quickly?’ Well, this little tool will help you find accurately and quickly lots more Twitter followers. Not only that, the tool is able to compare on one page your competitors followers, which you can quickly add them yourself. A much needed time saving tool indeed! Thank you twiangulate!

Twileshare is a great way to help you create more engaging posts, offering you the power to upload documents straight to Twitter. Pictures, PDFs, word documents and eBooks can all be uploaded which can further engage your readers.

This brilliant site offers a different way to get customer feedback. Here, you can create and share polls with Twitter followers and Facebook friends. This provides you with useful information and research which means that you can later post this onto your blog to help gain further followers and fans.

5) Twitter directories

Ok, as you can see this last entry is in fact a bunch of tools, but more precisely a form of twitter directories. Here you can find relevant followers all split up into different interests/sectors. More importantly, if you sign up and register your own Twitter account you will further improve your Twitter visibility and awareness.

In summary, these tools will improve your Twitter experience as well as save you time. There are some great tools in this list which will heighten your twitter visibility, getting more people viewing your profile, and potentially gaining much more followers.

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  1. Finally, Twitter tools trimmed down to the essentials. Great tips for orgs and companies who include social media in their web marketing strategies. Thanks.

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