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“Alles vol! Alles is vol!”

It can happen to anyone on their birthday right? Terrified of taking the leap from a 160ft-high crane which was set up in Potters field Park, a beautiful little area in the East of London, I started browsing the You Tube channel using keywords such as “bungee funny” or “bungee comedy”. Too frightened to take a look at any of the extreme bungee footage, all I needed was a little bit of comedy. One of the top search results was a short sketch which appeared on the Flemish Comedy Television Show “In De Gloria” many years ago. The sketch shows a father amazed – or rather distressed – by his family’s originality when they organize a bungee jump for his birthday. Although being terrified of heights, the man eventually takes the jump. However, his fears take control of him, making the bungee an embarrassing event for himself as well as his family. “Alles vol. Alles is vol” [It’s completely filled up]; those are the only words the poor man is able to shout out while jumping.

This was literally all that went through my head on that Sunday morning train to London. And believe me, it was definitely one of the better scenarios that had crossed my mind during the previous days. Once arrived on the site, I was welcomed by the Extreme Element team and asked to give a short interview before the big bungee jump. Still thinking about that sketch, it didn’t really sink in that I was going to be flying through the sky in the next 30 minutes. All I could think of was that it should all be fine, as long as I don’t end up like that man on that comedy show.

Once weighed and weighed again, I got into the harness and the ankle straps were attached. From there on it all went really fast. Before I realized what was going to happen, I was in the cage at the top of the crane and instructed to jump on “One, Two, and Bungee!” I’m not even sure if I waited to jump until we got to “Bungee”. I got up there, had a quick look around – trying to take in most of the view of London – and wanted to make sure that I jumped before I got the chance to change my mind.

And guess what? I had a lot more fun during the jump than I had looking at my online search results the night before. I was absolutely speechless, and extremely happy that I was able to put my fear aside to accept this challenge. The amount of adrenaline running through my body after the jump was phenomenal. I could have easily ran a 4-day marathon straight after. Once descended back to Earth, everyone at Extreme Element did a really good job making sure that everything was fine and that I got the chance to tell everyone how fantastic my London Bungee jumping was.

I would highly recommend this event to anyone who has ever thought about doing a jump. And there is definitely no need to fear, all it takes is the right keywords to prepare yourself and to make your experience even better than you ever imagined.

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