Do Search Marketers really Get the Future of Earned & Owned Media?

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There’s a really interesting trend I’ve seen in some excellent posts like PR has a big role in joined up marketing, but can it step up? by Danny Whatmough, talking about Earned and Owned Media in relation to PR and Social media. Earned and Owned Media are part of a trinity with Paid Media.

Lots of people have been talking about this in the world of PR and Social media, but not in search, which is a shame as I would have thought the industry should be thinking about these ideas.

I’m a big believer that there’s a fine line between Link Building and SEO and I’d go as far as saying as ‘online earned media’ is probably a better description of what most link builders get up to rather than building links.

Owned media has also got some pretty close ties to search marketing as well. Developing campaign micro-sites, link bait, infographics, web apps and tools all tend to sit in the Owned media camp.

So with these obvious ties why is nobody in search using these terms, or just am I not following the right people?


  1. I was so hoping you were going to go deeper there than terminology, mate. Earned v Owned seems a great approach and frankly the very phrase “link building” seems to send CMOs into a spin. But there is a huge variety of engagement within earned media especially. A single link or banner ad is nothing compared to moderating an active forum or other ‘thought leadership’ engagement. Trying to measure the value of engaging on earned media seems to me to be critical to social media and internet marketing analysis as we move forward. Nobody is yet tracking all the bits of the puzzle well.

  2. Author

    Yeah I’ve not really got my thoughts together yet on the term Dixon, but like you I can see a lot of value in it as a concept.

    I think that the phrase ‘earned’ means that the link/attention/influence is deserved is the sort of distinction I know a lot of us have been going on about for years.

    I’ve not seen much written about measuring the value of of earned media, I suppose metrics like ACrank or the moz equivalent is a bit reductive. I suppose of the social media sentiment approaches would add to the conversation

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