Ten of the Best Coffee Shops in Brighton

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You can’t help but notice the so many coffee shops springing up in Brighton. Digital Marketing Consultant Nick Johnstone is one of SiteVisibility‘s biggest coffee drinkers, so we asked him to find the best baristas in Brighton. You can read more about Brighton coffee houses on his blog, Coffee Pot & Kettle.

Coffee Shops in Brighton - Feel the LoveCoffee is the new tea. These days you can get your caffeine fix on every street corner (and lots of straight bits) of Brighton. With so many coffee shops to choose from, it’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed with which one to go with, which is why I’m here to tell you my top ten coffee shops in Brighton & Hove (in no particular order). In the name of good old fashioned debate, these are my favourite choices. Feel free to join the conversation and suggest other worthy entries.

1. Red Roaster
One of the oldest independent café’s in Brighton and still one of the best. They really know their coffee and offer a chilled atmosphere (although it can get ridiculously busy) that’s ideal to sit by yourself, with friends or a small meeting. I do wish they’d bring back the piano player though, I miss the live music accompaniment while I imbibe caffeine…

2. Café Coho
In under a year Café Coho has quickly become one of Brighton’s best loved coffee houses. Offering an intimate experience with a lounge area upstairs or the more traditional table & chairs offering downstairs, what matters is the coffee and Coho has taken the time to get the coffee right.

3. Small Batch
Makers of damn fine coffee that have just opened a café in Jubilee street under myhotel . They offer reasonably priced coffee and a welcoming atmosphere. Ideal to sit in or grab a take away.

4. Ground
Located in Kemp Town (and recently opened in Hove) Ground is ideal for that pop in coffee chat with a friend, due to the table layout you’ll always be closer to your neighbour than you’d like, and as with all the best coffee shops, it’s always too small so you’re never guaranteed a seat!

5. Coffee@33
Has a great reputation, possibly due its location near Brighton Station (an area that’s surprisingly void of good coffee shops in its immediate location). It has great coffee and an interior that might be seen as some as “media-ey” with its coffee sack seats and crate tables. Always busy. Always good for listening to London media types out name drop each other.

6. Taylor St.
A chain store, but when the coffee is this good and they don’t shout about being a chain store, it’s hard not to like it! As with Coffee@33, it gets busy, but the coffee and staff knowledge is first class.

7. Tic Toc Café
A hidden gem located in the South Lanes, the Tic Toc Café is a lovely little café that offers coffee, cakes and light snacks (all are good!) The interior has a very welcoming retro 70’s feel, a venue I can recommend for meeting a friend in! And try the hot chocolate, it’s so good it’s worth mentioning in a coffee blog post!

Ten of the Best Coffee Shops in Brighton - Foam Art

8. The Marwood Cafe
Located next door to Café Coho is The Marwood Cafe, an “art café” which offers none of the trappings of a modern coffee shop, offering basic improvised seating and décor but somehow manages to get it right. The coffee will definitely wake you up (and the cakes are awesome too) and the seating arrangement means you’ll almost definitely end up meeting new and interesting people.

9. Treacle & Co.
Located on the outskirts of central Hove, Treacle & Co. is best described as a “cake café” the freshly baked home-made cakes are primary, while the coffee is second. The cakes are amazing and really shouldn’t work (Chocolate and Beetroot cake…BEETROOT? In a cake!) but somehow they do and if you’re after a decent coffee and cake shop then Treacle & co. should be on the top of your list, it’s well worth the trip out of central Brighton.

10. Cafe Koba
For me, the Koba bar located on Western road mainly gives me cocktail fuelled flashbacks of events that are better left in my memory. Now that they’ve converted the downstairs (aka the off-licence formerly known as Oddbins) into a Café you can get drunk there in the evening and meet up again for hangover coffee in the morning. It’s easy to think that it’s just another bar trying to be a café in the day but Koba has tried (and achieved) to offer a great daytime coffee experience.

We’re also excited to try Urban Ground Coffee Shop in Eastbourne, which opens this week and promises to provide excellent coffee, lunches and snacks. This post was produced in conjunction with Kafevend, coffee vending machine suppliers. Bring the coffee shop to the office with Kafevend‘s Flavia Drinks Machines.


  1. In my opinion The Red Roaster does not deserve the first place.

    The coffee is brilliant, no doubt about it.

    One thing that knocks RR down is that they won´t accept cards. I know there is a cash machine just outside, but id rather not carry coins around.

    Marwood on the other hand has everything you need.. So Red Roaster and Marmood cafe should swap places.

    Good list though. 🙂

  2. I love Red Rooster and also miss the live piano playing. I feel their hot chocolate also deserves a mention. So think you need a spoon!

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