Trends in the Travel Sector

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With companies such as Thomas Cook going cap in hand to the banks, there has never been a better time to investment in a top flight search strategy. Utilising an SEO agency to promote your online business can mean the difference between literally going to the wall and making a profit.

Looking at the data for the travel sector we can see since the financial crises in 2008, travel related searches have been in steady decline. With consumers tightening their belts it’s clear the first thing to go is luxuries such as the family holiday.

Trends in the Travel sector - Search Trends

Trends in the Travel sector - Search Trends

Trends in the Travel sector - Search Trends

Consequently it’s becoming more and more vital for travel related businesses to increase their ranking in Search Engines and grab the top spots in Google, if they just want to simply maintain their revenue in the coming years. Maintaining your position in the Search Engines will mean as less and less people search for holidays; your revenue will decline even if you keep your current Search Engine positioning.

With the travel market becoming tougher, companies will have to bite into the market share of competitors to survive. One of the key ways of doing this is with a proactive search strategy. Optimise your website for niche long-tail travel terms, increase the diversity of your backlink profile with keyword and brand rich anchor text, get your name out there with a comprehensive social media strategy, all backed up with a PPC campaign.

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