What Are We Doing at SiteVisibility to try to Give Something Back? Our CSR Activities.

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It’s good news that an increasing number of companies are doing more to take responsibility for themselves and give something back to society. We’ve been trying to do a bit more of that over the last 12 months and I thought some of you might be interested to learn a little more about some of the groups we support and the activities we’ve been up to.

SiteVisibility has a proud history of leadership in corporate responsibility having won the “BITC Small Company of the Year” award in 2007 for our CSR Strategy, and since then our CEO Jason Woodford has served on the prestigious BITC South East Leadership Board.

We are currently revising our CSR strategy to bring our objectives up to date with our current business strategy, the needs of our local community and desires of our staff. Everyone in the company is given one day per annum to participate in either company or personal volunteering or charity activities. We’ve also recently appointed an internal Sustainability Officer who’s in charge of making sure we all do our parts to reduce our usage, as well as keep us up to date on any environmental developments that might make us consider redesigning our strategy.

As a company, we like to create opportunities for young people to learn about work via:

  • The University of Brighton with work placements and our graduate recruitment / training programme as well as the now seven year old annual SiteVisibility prize for “Best Digital Marketing Student”;
  • The Sussex Internship Programme;
  • The annual Enterprise Week at Sussex Downs College, and offering a work placement to a winning student;
  • Organising the free search marketing training event http://www.brightonseo.com

Personal projects have included one of our team members cycling throughout England to places beginning with “B” for the Bumble Bee Conservation Society. We have also participated in “Movember” for two years now and have raised nearly £1,500 for Prostate Cancer.

From an environmental perspective:

  • We support the Sussex Wildlife Trust by designing and distributing their newsletter on a pro-bono basis.
  • We monitor energy usage through our Wattson meter with an aim to reduce the amount of energy consumed.
  • We recycle all paper, metal, plastic, cardboard and printer cartridges to minimise the amount taken to landfill. During the recent office refurbishment, more than 40% of the waste created by volume was sent for recycling.

We want to have a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work as measured by the triple bottom line of the social, economic and environmental impacts we have as a business. This is especially important in difficult economic times and is why we are involved in the S.E. Leadership Group of BITC so the role of small businesses can be considered as part of the solution.

Some examples:

  • Social – improved life opportunities for young people: UoB placements, secondments, Wired Sussex SIP, our own placements programme and internal training ethos, Movember, Lewes, Scope;
  • Economic – member of Wired Sussex so we can have an impact on the economic environment for digital business;
  • Environment – a better natural environment support SWT with digital communications consultancy

One of the key benefits of this is that we attract the sort of staff and customers who are a pleasure to work with.

Case Study- Sussex Wildlife Trust

We have been producing a newsletter for Sussex Wildlife Trust for a good few years now. SWT were aware that email marketing would be an excellent way of staying in touch with their members and keeping them up to date with news and events, but had no one who could do this for them. By providing them with this service we have helped to create an informative newsletter for their members and have seen the number of subscribers increase from 300 in 2009 to 8900 to date. The enews is also now the 3rd largest referrer source to SWT’s website.

Case Study – Enterprise Week at Sussex Downs College

This year, we participated in Enterprise Week at Sussex Downs College for the second year. This event is organised by the college with the help of lots of local companies and shops so that students in various entrepreneurship and business programmes can participate in activities that real businesses would have to organise. We’ve helped the students with a social media activity, which of course, is a hugely important way of marketing a business. The students have 24 hours to create a social media profile using Twitter of Facebook, and the goal is to have the most fans, likes and followers at the end of that time frame. They get extra points if they have a high engagement score.

This event and challenge we picked were close to our hearts here at SiteVisibility, where we have a Social Media team, and are constantly trying to think of new ways to use social media for the greatest impact. We’re also a company that knows how important training, internships and work placements are to anyone’s future career so we’re really pleased we might have the opportunity to inspire a college student and even more excited a member of the winning team to our office for a week long work placement.

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