One Million Podcast Downloads: Kelvin’s Top Five

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We’ve just hit what I think is a huge milestone in our podcast’s history! We’ve ticked over a million downloads. However you look at that it’s a huge number and it’s taken about 160 episodes and five and a half years to get there and it’s hugely gratifying. But before I put my feet up and open a nice cold beer I thought this might be a great opportunity to share what I think are the five best episodes.

If you’ve never listened to our the podcast before these five episodes are a great place to start.

Tim & Seth Double Whammy
I still can’t believe we got two New York Times Best-Selling authors in one show but we did! Tim Ferriss, for those of you who have not come across him before, is a productivity and lifestyle guru. It’s probably fair to say that he has had a life changing impact on many marketers. I don’t think many of you won’t have heard of Seth Godin, the prolific marketing author has written dozens of amazing marketing books; ones like Tribes are so good they’ve informed one of SiteVisibility’s fundamental business processes.

Avinash Kaushik
Put simply, Avinash is the most respected thinker in the world of Analytics, and in this podcast he challenges a few sacred cows, shares some serious knowledge and infects you with some of his huge passion. If you’ve not yet been biten by the Analytics bug this episode will be the one to do it.

Beginners Guide to Facebook
This is a recent episode but one that covers the fundamentals of the most popular social networking site on the planet. It’s amazed me how popular it’s become. Sometimes the podcasts can get a little detailed and involved. It’s nice to take a step back and do an introduction to a service, especially when it’s proved so useful.

My First Ever Episode
Though it feels like I’ve been on the podcast with Andy forever, that’s not actually the case. This is my first ever episode back in January of 2009. I gabbled a bit and I’m still not sure whether I added much to the discussion but what can I say, it was the first ever time!

The First Ever Episode
This was a long time before I got involved in the podcast, but I still love listening back to these first furtive steps into podcasting. It’s a little dated now but it’s a nostalgic listen for me.

What are your favourites?


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