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On Friday April 13, SEO experts from all over the world joined us at the Brighton Dome for BrightonSEO. The day was a huge success and a wide range of topics were discussed, yielding many new insights. Now that we’ve had some time to digest, we would like to share with you our favourite five videos of the day (in no particular order) that attracted our attention.

1. “Ask the Engines”, with Pierre Far, Dave Copin, Martin McDonald, Rishi Lakhani & Tony Goldstone

BrightonSEO kicked off with a Panel Discussion on Search Engines, with Pierre Far from Google UK, Dave Coplin from Bing, Rishi Lakhani (Freelance Online Marketing Consultant), and Martin MacDonald from Expedia EAN debating and discussing the biggest SEO issues at the moment. During the Q&A session, the audience had the chance to ask specific questions to the panel of Search Engine Experts surrounding SEO and search.

What have we learned?

  • “SEO is not a Checklist”, and there is no particular rule to best practices
  • The importance of Social Signals for your rankings on Bing
  • Achieving good rankings on Google requires the creation of good, high-quality and fresh content, written to be shared and engaged around on social platforms.

2. James Carson – “I believe authors are the future”

In his talk about Authorship Markup, James explained AuthorRank and its implications for SEO. He explained how it can help, and how to implement and use rel=”author”.

3. Glenn Jones – “Microformats and SEO”

Glenn discussed the three different ways to markup structured data – using the traditional and predetermined microformats, micro data (for use with HTML5) and RDFa which can be customised – and how they can affect SEO?

4. Lexi Mills -“Getting BIG Links from BIG Media Sites”

Lexi explained how PR can benefit SEO, and the need for great content and PR to get great links. The increasing need for these two departments to work together returned several times during the day.

5. Roland Dunn – “Searchbots: Lost Children or Hungry Psychopaths? What Do Searchbots Actually Do?”

Roland provided some very interesting insights into what Searchbots are actually doing on your site. Searchbots crawl your sites, but do we know exactly which pages they land on? In his talk, Roland explained that Searchbots can become distracted or even lost and therefore we should help them focus. Good URL structures, high quality and unique content on your page can help.

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