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We were very happy to have our first Search Innovation Seminar in Birmingham on 17th May. We had great presentations on What Google Might do Next, Local Search and Performance Display, and Incorporating Social Media into your Marketing.

You can find the presentations below, and if you’ve got any questions, let us know in the comments or tweet @BrummieSEO!

What Will Google do Next?

In this presentation, we’re discussing what Google is trying to do, how they do it, and the reasons why they’ve made the recent changes like Penguin to their algorithm. Most importantly, Google seems to be demonstrating the importance of ethical linkbuilding.

Tactical Social Media: How to Incorporate Social Media into your Marketing

In this presentation, we’re discussing the various ways to engage with your audience, expand your brand presence and market share, and grow your sales using a variety of social media platforms. Discussing Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube, the presentation demonstrates the importance of creating shareable content that you can incorporate in to your offline marketing that will demonstrate your brand.

IP Targeting: Local Search and Performance Display

In this presentation, best practice local search strategies are discussed alongside Performance Display. Both of these engage with an audience based on their location, what they’ve recently looked, with the ultimate goal being to ensure that the most accurate results are presented.

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