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 facebook marketing 2012 #fbkm12


Facebook Marketing 2012 was held yesterday at the ICO Centre London. The event brought together some of the top digital media guru’s to teach us about the best ways to use Facebook for marketing campaigns. We went along to see how the industries top brands deliver the best engagement as well as excitement among their fan base.

The talks varied over a range of topics from how timeline works  to consumer engagement methods. Furthermore, our strategy director @kelvinnewman revealed some great tips about understanding the Facebook edgerank algorithm.


So after a whole day of fantastic talks we thought we’d share with you a list of some of the key insights that were presented by everyone on the day.

1) It’s more Than Just Likes!

The initial talk of the day from Andy Pang taught us as marketers to not just get caught up in Facebook likes but to instead consider 3 more important metrics. These included:

1) reach measurement – how many of your fans are seeing what you do?

2) brand resonance – is what you’re doing affecting the equity of your brand?

3) ROI – Are you increasing the frequency of purchase? How much does Facebook pay back?

2) Speak to Your Customers In a Language They Understand

@richardayers The head of digital for Manchester City informed us of how they managed to engage and interact with their Arabic fan base by not just simply translating content but by creating fresh content on a completely separate Facebook page. Another key point was to help make fans feel involved. This was done by incorporating their ideas into shirt designs as well as being able to tag themselves in a 360 degree shot of the stadium.

3) Do Good Stuff, Don’t Fake Good Stuff

Our strategy director Kelvin Newman delved into the Facebook edgerank algorithm and explained its 3 main metrics.

1) Affinity – how close are you to the person posting?

2) Weight – how heavy is the importance of video posts, photos etc.

3) Decay – the time of when Facebook users are online

Kelvin went on to explain that if your Facebook campaigns take into account the above mentioned metrics you’ll have more of a chance of your fans seeing your posts. Furthermore, he also explained that by building affinity before a big product launch you’re more likely to get your fans viewing the content that you want them to see.

4) Treat Me Like a Friend

@domdwight Mr. conversation from Yorkshire Tea taught us the importance of being able to connect emotionally with your fans online. He explained the necessity to deliver a human approach and to ask fans what they really think and feel. It was interesting to see how they incorporated posts about certain sporting events such as Wimbledon and used them to talk to their fans about their brand.

5) People Share Emotions Not Facts

Jeremy Waite from @tgbdigital gave us a treat of a quote to take home! “People share emotions, not facts”. He explained that you need to give fans something more than just conversation. He also highlighted the importance of how Facebook ad’s can augment the success of your reach on Facebook. Jeremy also cleared up the controversy made by GM when they recently pulled out of Facebook ad’s – the real issue here was not because Facebook ad’s weren’t working for them, but more the fact they had not implemented a measurement of success for these campaigns.

6) Timeline Meets Tv

Timeline Tv appears to be one of the most exciting content assets that Facebook possesses for brands. Being able to create an event to help promote a product or campaign launch and channel that exclusively through Facebook enables brands to give fans what they want only via Facebook. Sarah Lindley a brand executive from Cadburys Dairy Milk showed us how they had used timeline tv to thank their 1 million fans on Facebook. They filmed a magnificent chocolate thumb being built in a studio and got their fans to tell the builders what to do via Facebook! Other brands such as M&S, Pampers as well as film premiers have taken advantage of this tool – so keep it in mind for the future!

7) Make It Exclusive!

@mrtomollerton gave us his insights on how best to use Facebook to sell products – be exclusive! He showed us how Heinz were able to create limited edition products and sell them to fans via Facebook. One of the ideas was to relate products to customer problems/issues i.e. when people feel sick, in the UK they want soup. So fans could buy cans with ‘get well soon…’ and send them to their friends – a lovely little gesture indeed! Tom asserted that by building a campaign around online product conversation research you’d be more likely to engage with your brand. @tom_messett also agreed with the notion of exclusiveness and the future possibilities of rewarding fans who shared product purchases with their friends.

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone at #fbkm12 for a fantastic day and we hope to hear from you all soon!

Don’t forget to check out all the presentations here

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