Top Free Twitter Tools For 2012

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top free twitter tools for 2012

We all love Twitter and I still find it such as great way to engage and share content with like-minded people. It’s also fantastic for promotional campaigns as it allows you to outreach to your fan base as well as expanding your brand awareness to new fans. With that said, wouldn’t it be nice to have a few tools and tricks to make your Twitter experience more efficient? Do you feel sometimes that you spend hours on there without making any headway into your social campaigns? Well I thought that it would be a perfect time to revisit a post that I did last year ‘top free twitter tools for 2011’ and discover if there were any new and exciting tools a year on. Here’s what I found out:

1) – I really love this site. A great tool for expanding the reach of your tweets. I’m sure when you’re writing your tweets you’re constantly racking your brain to think of relevant hashtags to help increase the readership of your Tweets. Well this tool does it for you! Type in any hashtag you can think of and it displays relevant hashtags around your topic. It displays them in different size bubbles to help you understand which ones are popular and which ones aren’t. And if that isn’t enough, it even shows you the top Twitter accounts using those hashtags.

2) – Following on the trend of hashtags, here’s a site that helps you understand the meaning behind them. I’m sure you’ve come across hashtags and wondered what on earth does that mean? #yolo #oomf #np – did you guess any of them? If not then this site is just what you need to get your head around Twitter speak. Tagdef also lets you see the most popular hashtags right now as well as trending ones. It’s a fantastic way of finding relevant hashtags related to your topic of choice!

3) – are you a blog owner? Have you ever wondered whether it’s possible to link your blog to your twitter feed? Well as Obama would say ‘yes we can!’ Twitterfeed enables you to send a tweet out as soon as you make a blog post – what a timesaver! You can tweet the title of your post or choose to tweet the description of it. Not only that, you can set this up for multiple blogs – winning!

4) – need stats and a breakdown of how your brand is presenting itself on Twitter? Tweepstats still has to be one of the most comprehensive Twitter stat sites around. Simply type in your Twitter account and you can get a breakdown of your Twitter activities ranging from what times you tweet, what sources you tweet by, how many you post each month as well as lots of other interesting stats. Not a bad idea to check out your competition on this site too!

5) – last but by no means least is a brilliant site for exporting your twitter followers. One great thing about Twitter is being able to group your followers into lists, however when you’re using Twitter I’m sure you’ll agree it can be annoying having to click back and forth and wait for your followers to load up especially when you have a large fan base. This brilliant tool will let you export all your followers to excel and you can then sort and filter to your heart’s content until you find your most important fans. I’d really recommend using this to analyse your fans on Twitter especially when you’ve built over several hundred followers, it just simply makes it easier!

We hope you enjoy these free Twitter tools as much as we do. There are tonnes more out there I’m sure but I believe this concise list of tools contains sites which will really benefit your social activities and help you save time and become more efficient when using Twitter. Please feel free to comment below and share your favourite free Twitter tools.


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