“I Blog, Therefore I Am”: How to Strengthen your Online Visibility through High Quality Guest Blogging

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Over the past few months, I have experienced the importance of high quality and relevant content to strengthen your brand awareness and visibility online. User-focused content marketing is on the rise and, especially after Google’s most recent algorithm updates Panda and Penguin, high quality and unique content creation should become an essential part of everyone’s online marketing strategy.

By Kris Olin

Penguin was launched to penalise aggressive SEO tactics used for rapid link acquisition. With the goal to cut the amount of spam users come across in their searches, Google rewards sites and blogs with high quality content written for the reader as the user experience becomes paramount.

One way of bringing your content in front of your target readers and potentially growing your readership to strengthen your brand presence online is by building strong and valuable relationships with other bloggers through guest blogging. Keep in mind that, as you will be writing for the readers of those blogs, it is important that your content can both grab and keep their attention. To do so, you will need to convince them that your content matters and is useful for them.

But how can you establish such quality relationships and create the type of content that will convince both the blogger and their readers to increase your online visibility?

  • Create high quality articles that generate excitement among bloggers. First of all, you will need to get other relevant bloggers’ attention. Write unique and relevant content that is engaging and memorable. Your content should not be all about your services and products, but instead, it needs to be useful to the reader. We know it is not easy to write that kind of content regularly, but with good organization and planning, everything clicks into place. For more on how to create great content and about blogging in general, the guys over at FirstSiteGuide have provided some useful materials.
  • Write for your target audience. Establish an authority within your niche and become a guest blogger for sites in your own or related industries. Create that type of content that’s appreciated by and valuable to relevant bloggers in your nice and their readers.
  • Choose quality blogs with a real and active readership. Your content will be guaranteed a high level of exposure and help you get quality backlinks. Have a look at their social media profiles as you can take advantage of their social network to promote your content.
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with your target bloggers. Once you have established a connection with the blogger, make sure to take care of it. Be personal and to the point in your emails. Also don’t forget to record and keep a database of all conversations.
  • Visuals are a critical part of content marketing. Include exciting pictures as these will grab the reader’s attention. Infographics are also a great way to visually present useful information and keep your readers interested as they are more attractive and more easily to digest than a bulk of text.

After your blog post has been secured, make sure to promote your content and expand your channels.

  • Share your content on social media. Relevant and valuable content can gain loads of social shares. Either promote on your own social channels or ask the blogger to distribute your content across their social network. Have a look and see if readers have the ability to easily share your content across their own social network profiles using social sharing buttons. Especially after Google’s latest updates, social popularity has an increasingly significant impact on your search rankings and site traffic.
  • Re-purpose or re-package your content. This allows you to reach brand new audiences and increase visibility as different readers prefer different formats. For instance, re-packaging text to an infographic, slideshare, video or audio or several tweets gives you the opportunity to reach different audiences on different online platforms.

Guest post because you have something to say, rather than to just get links. And don’t forget that your content can be text, as well as visuals, and even video or audio. Most importantly, be useful. The key to retaining readers’ attention and building brand loyalty online is to offer the type of content that would add value to your reader, rather than the engines.

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