What it’s like to be a Digital Marketing placement student at SiteVisibility

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As part of SiteVisibility’s long standing support of the University of Brighton’s Digital Media & Marketing programme, which is now in its ninth year, and following a rigorous and lengthy set of interviews, challenges and tests,  we have hired our 2012-2013  digital marketing placement student; the future digital marketing consultant that is Natalie Wright.

SiteVisibility’s University of Brighton Digital Media placement programme is part of SiteVisibility’s CSR programme where we aim to provide opportunities for young people to develop a career in digital marketing.

This is what Natalie said about her experiences winning and starting the position at SiteVisibility as our 2012/2013 work placement student;  …..

I stumbled across this wonderful agency on my travels through the perilous desert that is more widely known as education (after a two hour lecture and no money to buy a drink, you’d be right there with me). More specifically, I had heard of the likes of the great BrightonSEO and its makers through several lecturers who teach my BSc Digital Media Development (Hons) course at Brighton University. It sounded like a geeks paradise – a whole day of SEO, Mobile SEO, gossiping about Google behind their big back – and me being one of those geeks, was sold. SiteVisibility became the people my placement year was made for.

Keeping my options open though, I travelled to and from London (so much so that Liverpool Street Station is now my fond friend) for interviews, technical tests and psychometric tests at some really hard hitting companies. I went from becoming a PHP Developer to Junior Web Developer to a User Experience Intern until my group interview at SiteVisibility. What they offered was what I had hoped, a Digital Marketing position with a strong stance on personal improvement. They thought I was up to the mark, and I certainly thought they were, the rest is history.

I’m kidding, I’m going to tell you the rest… Since then I’ve been working 1 or 2 days a week pre-placement and I have already been part of some really crucial client work, focused in the depths of technical SEO under the expert wing of Martin Hayman, I have learnt wonders. Right now I bet I could point out at least 5 things that would make your website and Google be better friends. I’ve also worked heavily on areas of innovation within the agency and become pretty good at the ol’ WordPress, I’m happy to say I’ve been able to put the PHP my degree has taught me to excellent use!

In my spare time I’ve been known to make huge noise with my guitar, before moving to Brighton I had friends that did the same and we called ourselves a band. I am an avid music listener, getting overly excited about a bridge or a clever line in a song is my thing. Often wearing big headphones and being told by strangers on trains that I “love music too much” has also been known to happen. I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t play my fair share of games too. I’m now a part time student, what can I say?

I’m looking forward to working full time with the folks at SiteVisibility from September. Getting my feet firmly in the ground and working alongside this diverse team of people for a year is going to be an excellent experience that I’m over the moon to be a part of.

If you’d like to become part of our growing team then check out our latest digital marketing jobs and get in touch now.


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