Bring Your Kids to Work Day 2012

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By Lucia Klander and Georgia Woodford

Molly enjoying sprinkles for the first time

When we first came in we decorated gingerbread men and cupcakes for the staff and OURSELFS!!! They were extremely yummy. This is what we thought….“I enjoyed making them and definitely eating them!” exclaimed Connie.

The choices of sprinkles were good (and yummy)!” said Lucia.Secondly we made and personalised our own bags and bunting . We used all sorts of things including glitter!! Even the adults joined in! This is what some of the kids thought…

“I enjoyed EVERTHING.” Olivia said proudly
“I really enjoyed making my bag because we got to do whatever we wanted to do and I liked putting all my personal things on.” Exclaimed Georgia

After that we designed our own Christmas cards. The best card will be picked and printed on the clients Christmas cards. This is what some of us thought…

“I enjoyed using all of the glitter!!!!” Hugo explained (covered in glitter).

Everyone hard at work decorating their own bag

Now we are all excited for our trip to the beach and getting wet!!! We will all be enjoying our sausages and burgers by the lovely seaside.

We all think that every child should get the chance to go to a bring your kids to work day because it’s GREAT FUN!!!!!

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