#BrightonSEO – Session 4

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#brightonseo - session 4

After the afternoon’s intermission, BrightonSEO took things up a notch with a lightning round of quick-fire talks to bring the conference to a close. After what had been a whirlwind day of information, knowledge sharing and SEO banter the final session was made up of even more SEO techniques which also spread across through to social media and mobile.

Mobile was certainly the word, or at least via Aleyda Solis‘s words we were taught the 7 things you need to know about Mobile SEO. She highlighted the following 7 steps that web owners should adhere to when considering mobile SEO.

  1. Evaluate your mobile audiences behaviour on your site (using Google analytics).
  2. Analyse your sites behaviour in mobile search results. Use webmaster tools for your top queries and pages in mobile search results.
  3. Examine your audiences behaviour in mobile search results. Utilise the keyword tool to see what your audience searches for.
  4. What is your sites behaviour with mobile devices?
  5. What is your content/product offer for a mobile audience?
  6. Assess your technical capacity to develop a mobile site. Inspect the pros and cons of the additional site design requirements.
  7. Based on previous elements, decide om which type of mobile web you need.

Following this, we then quickly moved onto social media thanks to Yousaf Sekander as he tried to perform some social media reverse engineering. Here he turned the old saying ‘content is king’ on its head by saying it’s the ‘kingmaker’. He explained that share-able, quality content is expensive to produce and therefore he suggests to find your competitors best content and leverage it. He mentioned 2 free tools which will enable you to do just that – backtweets and topsy. These are tools that we have used several times which do a fairly good job at enabling you to see the most shared content online.

Simon Penson (Zazzle Media) then took the stage to announce how to deliver content planning in a post panda and penguin world. The MD at Zazzle Media and former magazine editor spoke about how you should plan brand content in order to both create and retain audiences. He believes that simply writing blog post after blog post isn’t enough and that your content strategy should have ‘peaks and troughs’. Construct your content strategy around the big ideas and build up to them before they happen – timing is everything.

Following this talk, Berian Reed looked to the future by explaining to the BrightonSEO crowd his techniques on future proofing SEO on large websites. He added to the content discussion by emphasizing the the importance of referrers. He believes you need to take time to study who your biggest and best referrers are and target them when you produce your content that you want to be shared. He then went on to show us a nifty trick when using GA which allows you to see the full URL of the referrer. By performing this level of detail in your referral traffic analysis you’ll be able to know exactly who to target when conducting blogger outreach. Finally, he highlighted that you should be following your competitors and seeing when they produce content and how much. Changedetection.com and linkdetective.com allow you to do such as task, saving you lots of time.

Sion O’Connor came to the stage with a different view on things, describing what your client is looking for in an SEO agency. He presented a client checklist for SEO’s  which delves into the SEO mind of your client as well as your consumers. Firstly, consider your client and what they want – is it effectiveness? or efficiency? maybe even finer details such as cost per acquisition. What do they know about SEO, and what do they think of your agency? Next, consider the consumer – who are they? what do they want? why are they buying the product and when? After that you might want to understand your competitors motives; what results are they achieving in PPC and SEO? Sion then went on to discuss what your client wants you to deliver – objectives, insights, strategies and measurements. You should follow all these steps in order to fully understand how your consumers and clients think.

Our very own chief executive at SiteVisibility Jason Woodford then took the stage to explain the business of SEO and how it can make our world a better place. Firstly, Jason took the chance to point out on why we should be happy to be in such a booming industry right now:

  • SEO is booming – unlike the rest of the economy the SEO industry has continued to grow, with 65% of organisations looking to increase their SEO budget in the next 12 months.
  • It’s not a badly paid industry – with the average Senior SEO Manager (agency) earning £32k after a few years’ experience.
  • We have great events like BrightonSEO; the open sharing of ideas and experiences together with the free training and networking and after party which is unique and something special.

There are four things that Jason believes we as SEO’s can do to improve the reputation of the industry moving forward.

  1. Act like a real business – Do a great job, develop and nurture our people, charge for the value you’re creating, pay your suppliers on time and get yourself paid on time.
  2. Lead growth out of recession – help small businesses get noticed.
  3. Help a charity to achieve its wildest dreams – use our skills as an industry to help a charity which cannot afford our SEO skills.  Support your customers CSR – Bishop’s Move and the Scope Partnership is an example of this. SiteVisibility are raising money for NSPCC, through a number of fundraising initiatives such as the uniform at work project.
  4. Solve the skills shortage – there are 2.5m people unemployed in the country right now. We need to help train people, we need to attract great talent, talking to your local universities are a great source for recruitment.

Following this in the final session of the day was Danielle Fudge – head of SEO at Forward 3d. She branched things out into social media covering how to incorporate Pinterest into your SEO activities. Pinteresting SEO as she called it was demonstrated by a fantastic tool called pinalytics, a social media tracking platform, making your brand’s life on Pinterest a lot easier. Pinalytics enables you to:

– search for a keyword, giving you all the pins about this keyword, all boards about the keyword and a list of users who are engaging around that keyword.

– view the originating url’s of the pins

– see the page and domain authority of the originating url’s

This tool is in beta at the moment but will be coming soon. It certainly offers a much deeper set of data into Pinterest, which can only be a good thing when understanding your social search campaigns.

The penultimate talk of the day was from Tom Lewis – head of professional services at DC Storm. His talk analysed the true value of generic search terms attributing beyond the last click. 

Finally, after a fantastic day of SEO knowledge sharing Anna Lewis was the last of the speakers to take the stage. She delivered her 7 Custom Reports in 7 Mins presentation bang on time. She spoke about custom reporting which can be put together on Google Analytics in order to help gain further insights for your client’s campaigns.

First up was the SEO report which included an overview, landing pages, keyword and ecommerce elements. Her PPC report was comprised of a performance overview, on-page stats, conversions and a top-level summary. A social dashboard was then discussed which incorporated shares and visits from the various social media sites. Her tech dashboard was then demonstrated including the most useful insights into operating systems, mobile views browser popularity etc. She touched on email marketing, stressing the importance of including tracking url’s. All these dashboards provided a real quick and easy access into the most important information to report on for your clients.

So there you go BrightonSEO fans, that was our full round-up of all the talks and speakers at this years fantastic event. We’re really so delighted to have seen so many happy and enthusiastic faces at the event, with more people attending than ever before. We hope you enjoyed all the talks and the after-party, we’d like to take a moment and thank all the sponsors as well as all the lovely entrants into our instagram competition – which we’ll be announcing the winner tomorrow.

Here’s the full list of session talks:

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Oh and don’t forget if you’re new to SEO here’s a link to our brand new ebook – ABC’s of SEO: An introduction to digital marketing which was highlighted by Jason Woodford on the day.

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