Google Adwords Improvements

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google adwords improvements

Recently, Google Adwords came up with 2 new features, very handy for advertisers:

1) Date Range Comparison

You can find the new feature in the Campaign Tab. This is very useful if you want to build a date range comparison chart, and is very easy and straightforward to use. There are few options: compare with previous period (a day, a month or a quarter before), the same period last year or you can even customize it. As before, when you were building charts, now you can compare performance, conversions and Google Analytics (bounce rate, page/visit and avg.visit duration).

How AdWords Could Improve This Great Feature

I thought it only fitting that I showed you a couple of suggestions as to how AdWords could improve the date range feature.

1. When downloading report data, we should have the possibility to include the comparison date range used to make the chart (this will save an analyst a lot of Excel work).
2. Allow for the use of date range comparison charts on the new Home tab.
3. Add quick filters for: year-on-year, month-on-month, week-on-week, etc…

2) Location Extension

The next feature I am going to talk about it is the location extension: before it was allowed to set the location extension only at the ad level, now it can be set also at the campaign level. You can also use a combination of both, since the second one will override the first one.

Campaign-level Vs. Ad-Level

Campaign-level extensions are ideal if you want to use the same ad settings for the entire campaign. The most important aspect is that if the customer isn’t located in or interested in your targeted geographic area, your ad can still appear without a location extension.

Campaign-level location extensions may be a good fit if:

1. You want to run the same exact ad text for all your business locations.
2. You want to use the same landing page for all your business locations.
3. You want to save time and avoid managing individual pairs of ads and addresses.

Ad-level extensions allow you to use different ad-settings for each of your business locations in one campaign. Keep in mind that if you have any campaign-level location extensions in the same campaign, they’ll be eligible to appear for any ads that don’t have ad-level location extensions.

Here is the most relevant thing to know about Ad-level extensions: If your ad has an ad-level location extension, the ad will be targeted to customers within 20 miles of your business address as well as to customers searching for your keywords and indicating interest in your business’s area. You can also adjust the size of the radius when you create or edit the ad-level location extension. Your ad won’t appear for customer searches that don’t match your targeted geographic location, and the ad won’t appear on its own without the location extension.

Ad-level location extensions may be a good fit if:

1) You want to associate a particular business location with a specific promo or marketing message.
2) You want to direct each of your ads to a different landing pages specific to the business’s location.

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  1. I love this article Maffo! Thank God! Google adwords having some sort of improvements. As a realtor, google adword’s new features would mean a big help for me. Hope we could get in touch with each other. I also am a writer who specializes in real estate marketing.

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