Beginners Content Marketing and Strategy Workshop

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Content Marketing and Strategy Training workshop

In just one day you’ll build an understanding of how to easily build great content.

What & when?

That’s right the content marketing show arrives November 20th and has a whole host of great speakers lined up. Not only that, we mentioned last week that there’s a some exciting workshops the day before the conference on Monday 19th November.

This particular workshop focuses on creating killer content and will be run by Kevin Gibbons – founder of Quaturo a leading agency in London.

So what will you learn?

The cliché stands strong – content is definitely king. Increasing traffic and links to your site is so important to improve your search engine results. By creating the type of content that your followers and fans will love you’ll be on the road to success.

It’s all very easy to say make ‘killer content’ but how do you go about doing this? What processes and techniques are there?  That’s where Kevin’s online marketing knowledge comes in –  you’ll be treated to a whole host of tips and advice on how to go about creating a content strategy. You’ll be shown how to perform a content audit for your site as well as the best tools and methods to help with research for your content.

You’ll also learn how to creatively brainstorm for great ideas as well as learning some processes into how to pitch and outreach your fantastic ideas!

If you’re interested in this ‘content marketing and strategy training‘ then you can purchase tickets here

If you feel you’re more interested in the pitching side of things when take a look at the other workshop ‘Pitching Content to Journalists and Blogger Training Workshop

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