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So after a double dosage of content marketing we thought we’d share with you all the top insights from the content marketing workshops which took place last week.


It’s vital to decide on every aspect of content before it’s created:

  • Define the audience beforehand
  • Define where you intend to pitch it
  • Define the purpose/what you hope to achieve
  • Define the aspects of the content that will give people a reason to share it

Quality Checklist

These days without a doubt it’s quality over quantity when it comes to content. Here’s the ultimate checklist for content creation – Ensure any content created fits the brand and ensure it’s what the audience would expect to read.

Think big

As they say in the world of business, you get what you pay for so it’s worth investing in big projects and campaigns to on order to get the biggest results. Higher quality content needs to be as close to the homepage of your site as possible. Great content will always attract links & shares and if it’s really good it’s likely to snowball. Interviews for example are a great way to produce interesting, share-able and unique content.

Be quick

A common theme is to ensure that you react very quickly to any breaking news or events and piggyback on it. Even if all of the story or the facts aren’t available, try and publish something straight away and then expand on it when possible. Timing is key.


Content should be sustainable – think long term and make sure you continually update existing content. Periodically look over your site and identify indexed pages with high bounce rates/low average time on page etc. For more details see –

Consider reusing certain content in different ways for example, splitting up an infographic to use in a series of blog posts or a slide share and using old editorial such as old magazine articles as blog posts. Could all your old content be aggregated into an eBook for example?

Authorship & Context

From both the workshops and the presentations – everybody made it clear that authorship will be huge in 2013. Google will shift focus to WHO the link is from, not WHERE. Context will also play a big part so, for example, a link from an SEO expert to an SEO site will carry significantly more weight than the same expert linking to a travel site. From an outreach perspective that means building relationships with the most influential people.  The following tools could be useful for identifying key figures:

  • Google+ Ripples
  • Author Crawler
  • Findpeopleonplus
  • FollowerWonk
  • Linkdex


For outreach, try tweeting bloggers first as it’s more personal and informal. Build a relationship beforehand by retweeting them and engaging with them. If it’s a big project, consider hosting an event to foster relationships.

H.A.R.O (Help a reporter out – can be a good way of getting links. Respond to their requests for information and they’ll credit you as a source.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these tips and we’ll leave you with the feature presentation from Kevin Gibbons –

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