My Five Favourite Digital Marketing Events of 2012

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best digital marketing events 2012

I’m very fortunate to be invited to speak at and attend a large number of digital marketing conferences and events. It’s enjoyable because now I’m organising two different events BrightonSEO & The Content Marketing Show, to site back and watch other people do all the hardwork!

In this blog post I wanted to highlight five of the events I attended which I really enjoyed as both a speaker and attendee, that I’ll definitely be trying to attend the next time they come around.

Vision Bristol

I love Bristol as a city and I love the Paintworks creative and digital hub, when I heard that they were hosting an event there scattered across the site including in the BBC studios there, I couldn’t wait to make it along. I only managed to be there for a day but I was able to take so much value away.

Three highlights of the day were, the excellent Dave Coplin getting a bit philosophical and emotional about the future of search, Carla Buzasi the UK editor of Huffington Post giving an entirely unscripted and slide-less chat about how they work and Mike Rundlle and Chris Knight, the excellent guys at UKTI who revealed a whole world of support for international expansion that I would otherwise never of known about. That’s potentially company changing advice.

A4U Barcelona

I’m a huge fan of all the events that A4U put on, but this event hosted in Barcelona was in a completely different league. In addition to the usual excellent talks and stupidly popular expo hall it was hosted in the perfect location. At any event the networking parties are always a big part of their draw and the Barcelona beach party was completely amazing.

Linkdex Think Tanks

It’s no secret I’m a fan of Linkdex and I’ve really enjoyed their recent series of ThinkTank events. Taking the idea of a customer summit and mixing it with the world of free conferences is a master stroke. Not only do I admire the impact it must be having on their own marketing but I also have been impressed by the variety and quality of speakers they’ve been able to squeeze into what is a relatively short event.

Social Media Marketing 2012

If I could only find one fault at the Our Social Times event it would be the squeaky chairs, and if that’s the only fault you can find you know you’ve put on a great show. There was loads of great talks but two participants really stood out for me. Jon Mortimer aka one of the guys behind the Facebook campaign to get Rage Against the Machine to Christmas number one and Jeremy Waite for his back of an envelope Social Media ROI approach.

Search London

A search conference in a pub! Do I need to say more, the way in which Jo Turnbull is able to arrange these events really impresses me, first up they’re so accessible. Which is great as it attracts a totally different audience from paid for search events. And also as well as the usual circuit speakers Jo manages to be one of the best talent scouts in the industry. Finding great new speakers with excellent and actionable insight.

It’s also worth mentioning two other events SearchLove/Link Love and ThinkVisibility, I wasn’t able to attend either of these events this time round, but they’ll certainly be making an appearance in my 2013 calendar, so good is their record for delivering great events.


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