The Growing Importance Of Content Marketing

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content marketing

The increasing amount of time that people spend online searching for information has placed more emphasis on the importance of content marketing, especially since search engines look to provide their users with the best quality results.

Content is the voice of your brand and generating great and engaging content is required to take your brand from good to great in today’s online environment. Rather than treating these areas as separate, content marketing needs to tie in overall marketing and business goals.

Content is vital in any SEO strategy because:

  • Quality content is rewarded in the search engines
  • Content is involved in PR, social and SEO. It is vital to the success of any marketing strategy
  • Content marketing is an excellent way of targeting and engaging with the right audiences
  • Brilliant content attracts high quality links
  • Correctly targeted content attracts relevant traffic
  • On site content influences user experience – bounce rate, time on site, conversion
  • Content increases trust in your website and your company as a whole
  • Content defines your company and helps you to stand out from your competitors

Looking at your different target audiences, it is important to create content specifically to meet their needs and answer any questions they may have. Examples of content specifically designed to engage your audience and capture their attention could include:

  • Infographics: i.e. ‘Most popular social media channels used by businesses’
  • Video interviews: i.e. ‘Whiteboard Friday’s’ or even testimonials
  • Slideshares: i.e. ‘The best take-aways from this year’s BrightonSEO event’
  • Series of blog features: i.e. ‘How to – SEO guides’

‘As the search engines continue to evolve their algorithms, the technical SEO tactics of yesterday no longer hold. Instead web marketers must evolve into becoming sophisticated publishing operations.’ Search Engine Watch.


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