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data highlighter webmaster tools update

So I’m sure many of you are looking at what’s new this year in search – researching trends, data and of course tools. Well perhaps one of the places you might not have automatically looked at is Google webmaster tools – it’s certainly not known for making that many changes to the data they offer web owners – well guess what they’ve gone and done? they’ve actually launched a very interesting brand new tool – Data Highlighter.

Google last year released the rich snippets tool which was fantastic for web owners looking to view and test structured data of their pages via rich snippets. Following on from this Google see the value and are placing further importance on offering web users additional data within certain search results.

This has led them to create their brand new tool – the data highlighter which is the new easy way to tell Google about data on your pages. The tool uses structured data on your web pages to provide better search results. Currently the tool is only available for use on pages which contain events data – but you can certainly see the potential for this being expanded into other types of web pages – perhaps contact pages, product pages etc.

So how does it work? well if you do possess a page on your site that is about an event Google can show details of where it is and when it is right in the search results, which makes it easier for users to discover your brand, your website and of course your event.

Data highlighter is a point and click tool allowing any webmaster to show Google the patterns of structured data on your pages without having to modify the pages themselves making things easy, saving you lots of time.

To use the tool simply click data highlighter within webmaster tools and enter the URL which has structured data – when it appears in the data highlighter, highlight the important fields and label them (Google’s snippet view will be shown on the right of your screen). When you’re happy click publish and Google will apply all the changes instantly – enabling search results to show off your data within the snippets.

Have a look at the video to find out more (it’ll be very exciting to see what they do next with this time saving and ingeneous tool)


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  1. Data Highlighter looks so useful, but having applied it to several pages on my site, it seems to make absolutely no difference whatsoever to the actual visual appearance of my site-listing in the SERPs. I might as well have not bothered: do you have any ideas why this might have happened?

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