Why Getting to Know Your Clients is Vital in Content Marketing

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content marketing - get to know your client

If you work in content marketing then you’ll probably be working for a lot of different clients in lots of different sectors. Finding the time to know what they do, who they are and what they’re about can be easier said than done, especially if you have a client manager doing all the footwork for you.

However, it is useful and in fact vital to invest the time to truly build a relationship with your clients, whether it’s getting to know them when they first decide to work with you, attending meetings, or simply catching up with the client manager regularly. Here’s why making the time to get to know your clients will make your life easier and your content amazing!


It helps establish a style

It might be easy to fall into a trap of taking the same approach to each client, however when you get to know them it becomes immediately clear that each client has their own brand identity and ways of approaching content.

You may even discover that your initial assumptions are way off, and find that your finance client is actually a whole lot of fun and wants to break away from the stuffy stereotype. Establishing a unique style is also key to getting to know the client’s target audience, which in turn will inspire your content.

They can help inspire your content

Following on from the previous point, if you get a great style guide in place and really understand what they client wants, it can help inspire you. Getting to know clients and being included in the conversation may mean they reveal a little something about themselves, whether it’s their personal interests or just something that’s whet their appetite online.

It helps speed up the approval process

Getting to know your clients really makes sure you’re on the same page when it comes to content creation. It means that you’ll be producing the right stuff, which in turn means the client is more likely to approve it. Similarly, if they get to know you, they’ll understand your processes and are more likely to give valuable feedback.

You can manage their expectations better

Some clients are happy to take your advice and go with it, whereas others may be more hands-on, and want to throw their ideas into the mix. Getting to the stage where you can have a great dialogue with your clients means that you won’t step on anyone’s toes when you’re content planning.

You can help wow the client

If you’re included in weekly catch ups, or the initial brainstorms or introductory meetings, you can help impress the client by giving them a run-down of your expert content knowledge, and really help tailor a content plan to suit them.

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