SEO Benefits Your Business – Here’s how

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seo benefits your business

If you’re new to SEO then one of the first questions you’ll ask yourself is how can this benefit my business?

These days you’ll have noticed all the major brands and companies are constantly fighting for highly valuable online visibility. What’s more is that the growth of online stores takes competition levels to new heights with smaller enterprises being able to take on the big high-street brands.

How is this so? Well SEO can make this possible. It can take your little start up brand and put to to the forefront of people’s searches online.

What is SEO ?

Search engine optimisation is a way of improving your website to help increase the number of visitors coming from search engines to your site. There’s a whole host of different factors which play a part in improving your online visibility such as URL structures and meta data but by optimising your site with these elements it will help your site appear higher up in the search rankings. Nevertheless, search engines are constantly changing their algorithm which means your site also needs to constantly cater for these changes.

Why do I need SEO?

The majority of all the traffic that will come to your site will be from a major search engine like Google and Bing as this is what internet users perform searches on to find products, businesses and services. These searches bring targeted traffic to your site based on the terms they search for. This targeted traffic can bring potential customers as well as increased brand exposure and revenue. This is why by investing in SEO you’ll be receiving a much greater return on investment than with other forms of promotion.

What are the benefits of SEO?

  1. Improved search rankings – by implementing an SEO campaign your site will be positioned much higher in the search results. This means when potential customers are searching for your services they’ll be more likely to find you and purchase from you.
  2. Long term positioning – SEO will ensure that your site will rank for key related terms to your business which will develop your online visibility. This activity needs to be continued over time but you’ll have the peace of mind that potential customers will always be able to find you.
  3. Increased brand awareness – if people don’t know about your company it can be very hard to persuade customers that your services are the best around. You need to make sure consumers have heard about you; this might not lead to initial sales but in the long run will provide you with increased revenue. The more consumers see your brand within the top pages of search engines the more familiar they’ll become with your brand which will improve your brands recognition. Consumers perception of quality is also important here as often customers believe that the top sites in search engines provide the best quality products and service therefore by establishing your company’s online visibility you’ll be winning over the minds of potential consumers. Finally, by developing discussion, links and shares your brand will be developing a buzz of excitement, spreading the word of your services far and wide.
  4. Low cost but high ROI –  when compared to other types of promotion such as advertising, SEO can be seen as very cost-effective. The cost of a campaign depends completely on your own budget and over time will certainly be much cheaper than a PPC campaign.
  5. Increased traffic, leads and revenue – if your site is ranking higher in Google it means more people are likely to click on your site. Once your rankings have improved, your brand awareness will follow. After that stage, your site will be receiving more traffic which means more potential customers on your site. Increased revenues will follow thanks to your site receiving heightened exposure 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
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