Which Types of Content Do You Think Are Most Successful?

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At this point, it’s fair to assume that everyone has heard about the importance of content marketing lately, and it’s clear that for a digital marketing campaign to be successful, creating interesting and useful unique content has to be a major consideration. We’ve written a few posts about it over the past few months, and we even run a conference dedicated to making the most out of it. So, what do we do to create brilliant content for our clients? Some of our favourite kinds of content are below.


There’s been a massive increase in the amount of companies sharing content and information by creating beautiful infographics to promote socially and for other sites and blogs to link to. More than just a simple image with some statistics, infographics can convey a brand’s personality and tone, reaching an audience they might not normally have access to. They give your brand the opportunity to catch the attention of visitors on the site where they’re hosted, which you might not have been able to achieve if you only focused on text based content.

With the growth of mobile internet, smart phones and tablets, people are used to seeing beautiful and eye-catching content wherever they are. Along the same lines, people want useful information that’s presented in an easy to digest, visual, and memorable way. If you’re thinking of producing an infographic, it’s a good idea to create one about a topic that’s related to your brand, if not necessarily directly what you do or sell. For example, you might want to think about creating an infographic of popular honeymoon destinations if you specialise in selling wedding rings.

Printable Resources

Creating something that is useful and will be helpful to your customers or your prospects is a great idea. You’ll be able to remind them of your business and what you can provide them unobtrusively, and your brand will stick in their mind when they are ready to make a purchase. A useful guide, or list will also extend your reach to groups of people who might not normally take advantage of the services you provide or the products you sell.

If you’re a business working in the travel sector, why not create a checklist for a young family travelling together for the first time so that nothing important gets forgotten? You can also create a guide for how to keep children entertained if you are in the travel sector which will help parents to relax whilst travelling.


Coming up with unique ideas for creative, interesting and timely content can be a challenge, especially when you have to maintain a voice in your industry. By asking your site visitors and customers for their opinion through a survey, you’ll be able to gain lots of data that will form the basis for a variety of content forms. You can create blog posts and articles based on the insights your respondents provide, and you’ll be able to write press releases if you’ve chosen a topical set of questions. You’ll also be able to use the data as the basis for podcast episodes and infographics, so surveys are definitely a brilliant use of your time.

So tell us; which types of content do you think are most successful?

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