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We really appreciate all our fans across the globe who regularly tune in to our Internet Marketing Podcast each week for the latest news in search and digital marketing. Some of you might not know but our podcast is now 7 years old with the very first episode recorded June 18th 2006! We’ve now reached well over 1 million podcast downloads with an audience that spans the globe from Brighton all the way to Australia.

Back then the online world was so different, it’s quite scary to think how much the digital landscape has changed, but one thing that hasn’t changed here at SiteVisibility is our passion to provide our fans and listeners with the most up to date insights on all things digital!

Not only do we make sure that we stay on top of current affairs we’re also making our podcast more accessible for our users. This means no matter where you are or what you’re doing you can stay in the loop of what’s going on in the digital sphere.

So what’s new? Well we’ve made sure our podcast is available on all sorts of devices and platforms. One of the newest ways to listen to us can be done simply via logging into Twitter. That’s right, simply head to @SiteVisibility and play our podcasts without even having to leave your beloved Twitter friends.

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If you’re more of a Facebook fanatic and love sharing fun things with your friends then why not head to our Facebook page and listen to our show right there too!

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You can always rely on our trusty site to bring you 20 minutes of inspiration from Kelvin and Andy, not to mention the guests of course!

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If you adore your Apple devices why not have a listen and give us a rating whilst you’re on iTunes?

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Finally, if you’re part of the Android gang, and we know there’s lots of you out there, by downloading the Audioboo app you can even listen to us there!

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We love to hear from out podcast followers so if you’re a big fan then let us know by leaving a rating on iTunes or by leaving a comment below! Don’t forget if you have any questions about search or digital marketing, simply leave us a comment below or message us via the following channels:

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