How to: Create Engaging Infographics

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Over the last 2 years the amount of companies sharing information, data or knowledge by creative infographics has increased dramatically. More and more companies use infographics to spread their content to an audience they might not reach normally as well as helping their consumers get key information within a easily accessible graphic.  This article takes insights from a recent workshop held at the content marketing show as well as from the great work we produce for our clients. The findings below discuss an overview of what makes an infographic successful, how to come up with an infographic idea, how to create it and how to outreach your infographic.

What makes a successful Infographic?

An infographic should be:

  • Simple –  Focus on one main theme
  • Unexpected – Inspire, create curiosity and knowledge
  • Concrete – Avoid abstraction and concepts
  • Credible – Use numbers, facts and relationships
  • Emotional – Make people feel something
  • Tell Stories – Create a narrative for effective communication

How do ideas spread?  

  • Social currency – Create value for the audience
  • Triggers – What are people talking about? And what do they want to know?
  • Emotion – Creating positive emotions usually works better
  • Public – Include webcode, social buttons and sharecodes
  • Practical value – Answer common questions, give information
  • Stories – Create an engaging narrative
How To Come Up With An Infographic Idea?

Read Blogs and Content in your field

Quickly scan for titles, you don’t need to read the full blog posts, unless you think it’s relevant. Look for little nuggets to support the creative process and take notes throughout.

Tools to speed up the process:

Think about the perfect site for the infographic to appear on

Put a list together of at least 3 or 4 sites and have a look what type of similar content they have written about.

  1. Are there any books, magazines, films or documentaries on the topic that you could have a scan through? ( and com/)
  2. Are there any upcoming events in the next month (e.g. sporting events, holidays, major news, etc.)?

Search on Social Media

Twitter Advanced Search

  • search for hashtags like #awesome #amazing #todayilearned
  • look at what influencers sharing on Twitter
  • find experts on a topic by using
  • once you found “experts“ look for questions people have been asking them


  • set up an account and subscribe to the subreddits you like
  • use the search function
  • use the “top” section and then links from “all time”
  • try
  • look at the comments

Tools that Can Expand Your Ideas

Use tools to help understand what people want to know about a certain topic, e.g. or

Creating the Content

Research: (spend around 4 days)

  • Ask lots of questions
  • Deliver authority to its audience (use reputable data and information sources)


Aim for success by use professional copywriters and then choose your infographic style out of 8 different types of infographics templates:

  • The Visual Article
  • The flow Chart
  • Useful Bait
  • Number Porn
  • Timeline
  • Data Visualization
  • The versus infographic
  • The photo infographic

For more details of these infographic styles see:

Outreach your Infographic

Find your audience

Tell your audience

Plan of Action:

  • What similar infographics exist already?
  • Decide on 3-5 big sites to target personally
  • Look for 6-8 categories of blogs/content we can use to create lists of sites to target
  • Create a template that can be used to outreach on mass
  • Explore seeding: uploading infographics (e.g.

Use tools like:

StumbleUpon (Paid Ads)

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