Instagram Video Vs. Twitter Vine – Battle of The Brands

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Yesterday Instagram officially launched it’s first video sharing tool to put Facebook in direct competition with Twitter’s successful Vine-app.

Instagram explained the move, feeling that “some images need more than static to come to life”. Instagram which is available on Android and iOS (after Facebook purchased for $1bn back in April last year) now shows a video icon to the right of the normal image capture icon.

The updated version of Instagram now allows users to capture video for a few seconds or tenths of a second at a time. Users will find it a very similar format to that of Twitter Vine (launched in January this year) which allows for a 6 second video loop. Vine recently extended their reach to Android this month after only being previously available for iOS. Instagram though have already dealt a top trump releasing their app on both platforms straight away.

Some of the clear benefits of Instagram video are the extended video play on offer – 15 seconds compared to Twitter limited 6 seconds. Furthermore, what made Instagram so successful and popular was its usage of beautiful filters and 13 of these have been carried over to the new video app version. Another clear advantage for Instagram is their user base, which currently sits at over 130m active users with over 1bn likes a day. Twitter, relatively new to this kind of digital format will be looking upwards at how to reach and build the same amount of users.

Instagram Video – The Favourite For Success?

It’s of course early days but if you look at the specs and details it does seem that Instagram has pulled one over on Twitter. Here’s a list of why we think Instagram video makes for a better video app:

  • Longer video play – 15 seconds (compared to Twitter’s 6)
  • Bigger user base – 130m active users
  • Filters – 13 to use and help enhance your video and deliver a better mood & atmosphere
  • Cover Frame – allows you to choose the best image to showcase your video in-feed
  • Editing – enables users to delete unflattering or unsatisfying frames
  • Focus – tap within your frame to focus on particular aspects which makes for a more professional feel
  • Stabilisation – Instagram have even thought of fixing your shaky hands to help steady your video images

The Potential

Judging by the popularity of Twitter Vine you can understand why Instagram have felt the need to enhance and evolve their platform. We can certainly see the value of Instagram’s more professional app which could have great potential in taking popular photo competitions for campaigns to a whole new level of creativity. User generated content via short and punchy video could be a fantastic new way to showcase brand advocacy. Not only that, we could see this as being a very clever way to showcase a brands team members or what life is really like in your office.

See For Yourself

Download the app for:

Take a look at the video below of Kevin Systrom (CEO of Instagram) as he talks you through Instagram Video.

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