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real time analytics

One great thing that Google have been improving upon lately is there real-time Analytics reporting. It’s a tool that makes testing easier; also it can sometimes just be interesting to know how many people are on the site at the moment and where they are! (Hopefully big numbers!). This amazing resource also seems to be getting missed by a lot of SEO’s so I thought I could provide a brief introduction!

Real-time Analytics allows you to see how many people are on your site, their source, their location and what pages they are on at that moment. This real-time analytical data allows you to monitor what’s happening now rather than aggregated data that the other reports provide.

Many times it seems that people don’t realise the practical impact that this useful feature could have. It can enable you to see if promotions are doing as well as you had hoped, twitter links bringing in immediate traffic, whether pages are working amongst other things. Additionally, you can actually check whether your Analytics tracking code is working as you would expect. All this means that you can see if what you’ve just done is having an instant effect, something you’ll struggle to find anywhere else!

You can find all of this great information very easily just go to the main “Reporting” tab and click “Real-Time”.

teal time analytics

Without a doubt this should be one of the first tools people turn to when trying to test their Analytics code. What better resource to find out if your code is working than Analytics itself! Google are also expanding the information that can be gained with real-time goal and event tracking now a possibility. This means that you can quickly and easily check that the setup is correct.

So that’s a brief introduction to real-time Analytics for those of you who haven’t been using it in your day to day testing so far. Also, as I mentioned it great to know how many people are on your site in a particular moment! So, go give it a try and see how your sites doing right now!

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