Twitter Vine – Fashion Brands That Do It Well

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Twitter Vine

Twitter Vine is 6 months old to the day, (launching back in January this year) and with that news we thought it was about time to see which brands and industries were making the most of this technology to promote their products and services as well as analysing what makes a good Vine.

After having trawled through Twitter it was clear that there’s a varying amount of usage across different industries. Despite the technology being there for everyone it seems not every industry or brand has been creative enough to experiment with their own Vines. Nevertheless, Vine has thrived in the fashion industry, where retailers have used them to promote new products. Not only are most fashion brands creating Vine’s they’re also producing them on a regular basis. Here’s a breakdown on the best examples of retail fashion brands using Vine:

American Apparel

It’s funny how creative some brands can be using Twitter Vine and yet this video of the latest summer ranges from American Apparel is so simple but we’ve not seen anyone else use Vine in their stores. You may have sat and wondered whether your business can lend itself to Vine, well why not showcase your brand new product range?

American Apparel also use Vine as a catwalk, getting their models to showcase their latest products. There’s the potential here for low budget snapshot filming to replace more costly product videos.


They’re one of the most innovative players when it comes to online retail fashion and  they’re also a great advocate of Vine. We were certainly impressed with the #ASOSUnbox campaign that they ran which engaged their Twitter audience to Vine themselves opening up their ASOS orders – brand advocacy at its best! It’s such a fantastic way for ASOS to showcase how happy they make their consumers feel.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters again are one of the biggest brands in the business with over 400 locations across the world. They also value the power of social media – owning profiles on a wide range of platforms from Flickr all the way through to Vimeo. With over 700,000 Twitter fans they’ve began to promote their brand using Vine, incorporating humour with a stop motion animation feel.

  These videos are great because not only are they fun, they allow the viewer to see their latest products as well as highlighting other related ones. It also allows consumers to see how many things they can actually fit in the bags – something that can be a deal maker when undergoing the purchase process.


Gap seem to find that Vine works best to promote product ranges – in this case summer mens beach range.

As part of their summer collections they’ve placed a great amount of emphasis on their shorts range – using the #lifeisshorts hashtag it has enabled Gap to focus the consumers attention on one of their biggest summer sellers, reminding their audience about the wide range of styles on offer.


It’s certainly great to see brands being creative with this platform and it’s interesting to see the potential of how businesses in the fashion industry can use it for product demonstrations. It’s also a fantastic way to quickly show off their extensive new ranges – something that will hopefully entice consumers to go an visit their store. Nevertheless, we’d like to see how it could be incorporated more effectively into competitions as well as seeing its uptake in more sectors. One final note is Vine offers the ability to combine image with sound but there’s been no real attempt to use the audio element of the app yet. More often than not you’ll here muffled sound so including music or voice-overs could give these videos a more professional feel.

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