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Google has now fully moved to using secure search even for non-logged in users, which will skyrocket the percentage of (not provided) keywords in Analytics packages up to 100%!

Essentially, encrypted Google searches do not pass any keyword data to the websites, as such webmasters will no longer be able to track the keywords that users are using via Google to arrive on their website. We were talking about not provided count back in the beginning of August, which even then was still under 50% of total traffic.'s graph

The graph has not been updated since the change went live, but even looking in the past, this is something that has been looming on the horizon, and has only gotten worse in the past few weeks where the graph turned into a hockey-stick.

Encrypted search was first tested out by Google in 2010, and in quarter four of 2011 Google began to redirect all logged-in users on the .com domain to the encrypted version of Google. Today, we’re seeing over 90% (not provided) average on several different sites we’ve checked personally.


This news shouldn’t be too surprisingly for anyone working in the industry, we all knew it was coming eventually, but please give us your thoughts, and what you are seeing yourselves in the comments below.

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