5 Bits of Kit to Improve Your Vines

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Vine is a great tool for marketers to help make your videos more arty and more fun. It’s such an easy process to create something which is snappy and so easily share-able . However, it’s not always so straight forward to come up with those attention grabbing videos to help make your Vines appeal to your audience. Therefore I thought that with Christmas promotions among us and January sales to come now is the perfect time to share some Vine tips.  So here’s my list of budget friendly kit that will help transform the look and feel of your Vine videos.

  1. Buy a trusty tripod; one that I’ve particularly enjoyed using is the Joby Gorillapod which costs around £20-25 and caters to most phone sizes. This handy device helps you gain access to all sorts of interesting angled shots which makes for more interesting videos. The pod will twist and bend to fit any surface and helps to keep your shots steady – well worth spending those pennies!
  2. The next bit of kit is a super fish eye lens which will help add a bit more depth and intrigue into your video shoots. You can pick these up for around £20 so again another bit of useful budget kit!
  3. Use headphones with a built in mic to test out your sound. Quite often this is the element that people always forget about when creating Vines and it can turn a well shot Vine into something very amateur when there’s all kinds of noises going on in the background. If you’ve got an iPhone you can use the hands-free ears buds with a built in mic and if you’re on Android there’s lots of available options.
  4. Bring your videos to life with some colour – try  filters to give your shots a bit of a twist. Why not try this filter stack which mounts onto any phone camera size.
  5. Show the world around you with the 360 degree panoramic views thanks to the Kogeto iPhone accessory. This nifty tool will help show much more depth to your shots and help your audience see much more than just a front view angle – perfect for showing off events or outdoor scenery.

I hope you found these little gadgets useful, feel free to post some of your favourite below – happy vining!

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