Is brainstorming still the cornerstone of the creative process?

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Creativity is something we value highly here at StiteVisibility and has resulted in not only some fantastic client work but also in the birth of events such as Brighton SEO and the Content Marketing Show. But as anyone who works in an agency knows, keeping this fresh approach going over time requires work and bags of new ideas.

While ‘brainstorming’ is becoming a term that us creatives try to avoid, the concept is still one that begins the creative process in almost all cases. Getting a group of people in the same space and churning out idea after idea until the right one shows itself is a staple in our creativity toolbox. The idea being that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and with the right knowledge and expertise in the room we can achieve greatness.

I recently came across this video from the RSA that looks at how brainstorming works and whether we are getting the most from the experience. As with most RSA videos, it’s worth a watch if not a share round your team.

In my experience I’ve found many different approaches, but more often than not I’ve seen sessions succeed or fail on the ability of those in the room to get the balance between creating a safe space for sharing ideas and being able to move on from ideas that won’t fly.

The idea of constructive criticism is the one area most of us fail to get right at one time or another, either shutting down ideas too quickly or allowing bad ideas to take us off track. Often our role as creative leads is better spent facilitating the process for others and ensuring everyone has a voice and a space to get it wrong sometimes. This is when the magic usually happens.

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