#BrightonSEO Competition – Send Us Your Most ‘Brighton’ Selfie to Win a Fantastic Supercar Experience

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BrightonSEO is upon us and we’re just as excited as all of you about getting to listen to some of the most knowledgeable guys and gals in the field impart their pearls of wisdom.

What makes BrightonSEO even better? Its fantastic seaside location of course! Brighton has a particular quirky charm all of its own with a variety of cultural delights including the crumbling West Pier and the elegant Pavilion.


At every BrightonSEO, SiteVisibility puts on a little competition to make the day even more fun. With ‘selfie’ being named by the Oxford Dictionary as their word of 2013, and everyone from Kim Kardashian to David Cameron snapping, we felt it was about time that us SEOs got on the selfie bandwagon too.

We want you to take the most ‘Brighton’ selfie you possibly can – think fish and chips and kiss me quick hats…

The winner will win a fantastic Supercar experience!

All you have to do to enter is:

  1. Take a selfie that most encapsulates the Brighton spirit
  2. Share it with us on Twitter using our Twitter handle @sitevisibility
  3. Include the hashtag #BrightonSEO
  4. We will judge which selfie is most ‘Brighton’ and announce the winner on Monday 28th April.
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