How to use Tailored Audiences on Twitter

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Recently, on the SiteVisibility Podcast,  I talked about some social updates on our Podcast related to re-targeting of email addresses and lists through the Twitter Ads Platform.

A comment came in from @AlanFergs regarding how to actually carry this out, so we thought it would be a great idea to write a blog post to help answer this question.

So, let’s start from the beginning…

What is Tailored Audiences?
Twitter allows account owners to target users via what they call “Tailored Audiences”. In layman’s terms this means via email, Twitter ID or Website Visitor. Ultimately user targeting on Twitter has now reached a new level and is allowing accounts to join in with the conversation and amplify their messaging further using various new forms of targeting.

Email Address Targeting

What does Email Database Targeting mean for businesses on Twitter?
CRM ApproachUtilising email data to maximise engagement on Twitter allows businesses to reach higher levels of engagement with users that are already connected to the brand. By targeting via email address businesses can target users with relevant messaging that might be useful to the user based on their purchasing patterns or interactions with the brand.

A good example of this might be promoting content on Twitter which drives users to view a specific area on the website or to get customer feedback based on a recent purchase.

So you might now be thinking, wow that is wonderful but how do how do I actually do this!

How can businesses target via Email Address on Twitter?
In order to target via email address Twitter needs to establish a connection with your business database of email addresses. This requires third party software. Some good ones to use are Acxiom, AdParlor, Brand Networks, Datalogix, Epsilon, ExactTarget, LiveRamp, MailChimp, Merkle, Salesforce, SHIFT, SocialCode, and Unified.

Once this is synced up you’re all ready to go and can use the following approach to target existing customers or advocates of your brand. It then comes down to some creative and strategic planning of content which delivers the engagement you need with your customers. It’s all good having the targeting but without great engaging content you could be throwing your money away!

Twitter ID Targeting
Twitter ID TargetingWhat does Twitter ID Targeting mean for businesses on Twitter?

If you are a business that loves connecting and building relationships with Influencers, then this type of targeting could work for brilliantly for you. With the Twitter ID approach, Advertisers can create targeting which is built up by information found in user’s profiles on Twitter such as their bio, follower count, tweets and so forth.

How can businesses target on Twitter via Twitter ID’s?
Targeting via Twitter ID can be achieved through partnering with one of the following third party software tools. Check them out and see which one works best for your business.

Twitter Website Targeting

What does Twitter’s Website Targeting mean for businesses on Twitter?
This approach is useful for businesses who might want to re-target users at a specific user journey on the website, or maybe just to entice users into visiting the website again to check out a new product, service or piece of content. This means that businesses can work on bringing users back onto the website or display relevant adverts depending on what the user has been browsing on the website in order to support business growth and brand awareness. The idea is that by approaching users that have already engaged with the brand through the website, the end result could mean a higher level of engagement with users.

How can businesses re-target on Twitter?
Re-targeting from website data can be achieved through placing a Twitter pixel on the target domain. This domain then picks up data and information on the users that are visiting the website and allows account owners to re target users on Twitter based around this.

We recommend that if using this method of targeting, businesses should always have a strategy behind the re-targeting itself in order to maximise the success of the campaign.

Our learning’s of using Tailored Audiences
One of the most important messages that I tell all clients is that just because these options are available, it doesn’t mean that it will be relevant to your brand. It’s great to explore new opportunities, but always find a business case for testing these methods and make sure that you have a clear business goal behind using them before diving in.

Additional Resources
For more information on Tailored Audiences targeting options please visit this page here (you must be logged in to your ad account to view this page)

Alternatively you can find out more information on new ways to create tailored audiences here.

If you found this useful please feel free to share… after all, sharing is caring!

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