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Following the long wait for Brighton SEO, the actual event passed by in a flash. However there is no need to despair while you wait for the next one as there are some forthcoming events that will whet your appetite for knowledge. Here’s our round up of Rough Agenda’s other events that you should be sure to check out. 

MeasureFest – Workshops 7th October and Conference 8th October 2014

Looking to improve your analytics skills? Then MeasureFest is for you. This is a two day event dedicated to web analytics, conversion rate optimisation, business intelligence and usability. Along with a bunch of experts giving talks on how to best utilise your data, there are a series of hands-on training workshops where you’ll get to learn about how to use the platforms and programs available to you most effectively.

You will certainly come away with loads of great ideas to ensure you exploit the data available to you and turn your conversion rates around.

Completely Email – Workshops 23rd October and Conference 24th October

Email marketing is essential to most successful digital marketing campaigns. It has been an integral component to many campaigns for a very long time, and it’s understandable why. However it’s not always utilised as effectively it could be – this two day event will give you all the basics and more to ensure you get the most from this amazing channel.

Day one of the event includes a selection of paid for courses covering everything from email design, email copywriting and content strategies, split testing and more advanced email marketing. Day two is a free to attend conference and networking opportunity with plenty of food for thought from a selection of expert email marketers.

Content Marketing Show – Workshops 4th November and Conference 5th November 2014

Content marketing is certainly nothing new; it is however becoming more and more ubiquitous and therefore harder and harder to catch the attention of a target audience that is presented with a shed load of different content on a daily basis. This two day event is a fantastic way to learn from some of the best in the business and meet some like minded people.

Day one will involve a selection of training workshops so you can brush up on best practice for copywriting, advanced link building strategies, social and native advertising and much more. Day two is the free conference (be sure to book your tickets right away as this is a hugely popular event!) with a whole host of great speakers that will undoubtedly spark thousands of ideas you’ll be rushing back to the office to implement in your own content strategies.

So, if you’re looking to keep abreast of this ever changing industry be sure to sign up to these events quickly so you don’t miss out!

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