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First look at Google Tag Manager v2

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Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a powerful tool for anyone who is involved in configuring analytics (or other tracking on a website). It allows you to rapidly update and improve code without needing to interrupt or schedule in IT time, plus it has version control and the ability to test tracking on development servers before deployment by dynamically changing the account.

GTM allows you to drop a small block of code on the site which allows you to effectively add as many extra tags (JavaScript) as you want to without needing developers to directly update the page,. SiteVisibility use it to alter analytics code and deploy tracking conversions across many of our clients and we are, where possible, migrating many clients over when appropriate.

Unfortunately, for v1 of Tag Manager, the learning curve for this tool has always put off many potential users. In many aspects the required knowledge wasn’t that well documented, with the best documentation coming from power users such as Simo Ahava’s blog.

Google’s Tag Manager has just taken a leap forward with a new interface and improved terminology, API access and an increasing array of pre-built tags – including one of our favorites ClickTale.

Rules and Macros have now been changed to phrases more inline with their actual functionality to being “Triggers” and “Variables”. In fact link listeners (which required creating multiple tags to be configured to track clicks on links), are now rolled into a single tag and trigger, resulting in simpler workflows when creating these tags.

The new interface feels considerably more styled, which can be best described as lovely multi-coloured pastels (I am not sure if I personally like this).  V2 feels much less aimed at the developers than v1 was, which shared the interface with other developer focused tools (such as API management).-

For legacy users, V2 is not available for your existing tags at present. So for many of our clients where we have moved them to GTM, they (and us) will still need to use the existing interface to manage their tagging.

Google have stated that “soon” you will be able to migrate legacy containers over, and that the old interface will be gone in January (2015).

What do you think of the new interface? Does this encourage you to give it a try? As ever if you need help with implementing or migrating to tag management then please drop SiteVisibility a line.

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