How to Achieve Rapid Career Progression: A Digital Marketing Case Study

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At SiteVisibility, we are known for delivering digital growth with ambitious brands and it’s always a great moment when we see our strategies turning into growing revenue streams for our ambitious clients like Fatface, The Goodwood Estate, Vax, Cheapflights, Farrow & Ball, and House of Fraser amongst others.

As business sectors undergo digital transformation and the competitive forces in their ecosystems evolve, digital success comes to those with the best strategy and in a service industry like ours, that often means the best people or talent strategy.

Like many businesses, we try to improve and learn from what we do all of the time. Whether that’s about our business workflow, our campaign insights and tactics or the way we harness and develop our talent, we’ve certainly enjoyed our fair share of “learning experiences” over the last 13 years in business. So I thought I’d share an aspect of our talent strategy which we’re passionate about, but which remains work in progress. And if you like what you read and you feel like you want to find out more, I’d love to hear from you – we’re hiring right now.

I’m pretty confident that “attracting and retaining the best people” ranks highly as a 2015 strategic goal for every marketing agency in the UK. If it’s not, then they probably won’t be around to see 2016.

I don’t believe that any single talent strategy is enough on its own however, providing an effective learning environment is pretty high on our list. In fact, apart from flexitime, we’re told that the single most valued aspect of work is the opportunity to learn. People want to grow their expertise, to increase their value and to further their career and so long as that’s happening, there’s harmony.

My favourite talent success story is Kelvin Newman. He started at SiteVisibility as a trainee in 2006 and by working hard and following his passion for SEO,  he managed to persuade me to invest in the BrightonSEO project. Initially a meetup in a room above a pub, it is now a bi-annual SEO conference which attracts the largest audience in Europe. It’s become a successful business of which Kelvin is now Managing Director and both Kelvin and SiteVisibility are shareholders. Kelvin was voted Search Personality of the Year in 2013 and one of the top 5 most influential people in Digital by eConsultancy in the same year, only 7 years after joining SiteVisibility as a trainee.

SiteVisibility provided the flexibility, culture and finance and Kelvin provided his natural passion for digital marketing, his willingness to take responsibility for his own learning and the confidence and showmanship skills to make it all happen.

We want to work with people who believe they can reach their potential at SiteVisibility. We have shown that we can make that happen and I’m hoping the next Kelvin Newman is reading this now.

Now it sounds like Kelvin’s career is over, far from it! From January 2015, Kelvin will be re-joining SiteVisibility as full time Marketing Director where part of his responsibility will be to grow SiteVisibility through BrightonSEO, the Internet Marketing Podcast and other marketing initiatives.

Achieving talent development success requires a supportive environment and people who want to make it happen. I’m pretty proud of a few industry initiatives that we made happen:

  • As a founder member, we helped fund and set up Wired Sussex which helps over 2300 members do better digital business
  • We financed Brighton SEO which is now the most popular SEO conference in Europe
  • We set up and run the Internet Marketing Podcast which is the most popular marketing podcast in the world as found on iTunes
  • We founded the BrightonBIG project which aims to gives students at BACA careeropportunities amongst the Brighton digital economy

All of these provide amazing learning opportunities, not only for our team, but also for the wider digital community. It’s real CSR in action and demonstrates our culture.

Over the last couple of years, SiteVisibility has undergone change in its organisational structure, people and culture. We have adopted new values to reflect our evolved business and the outstanding people we want to work with now and into the future:

  • Be Outstanding
  • Deliver the promise
  • Love working together

We’re currently hiring for my favourite role of account manager or as we know it, Client Performance Account Manager. That’s the person who delivers the promise for our customers, they own the client strategy and achievement of business objectives by working with a talented multi-disciplinary team. We are looking for ambitious digital marketing folks with strong strategic, numerate, technical and commercial instincts who share our values and want to join us on our mission to deliver digital growth for ambitious brands.

SiteVisibility has been an Investor in People since 2003.  We pay well and have an active and award winning CSR programme and staff benefits including flexible working, team building fund, healthy workforce holiday bonus, free railcard, Ride to Work scheme, stakeholder pension and free eye test vouchers for all and free private healthcare for more senior grades and free dental care for those with one years service.

Our people are key to SiteVisibility’s success, so ensuring everyone can flourish and give their best is critical. That’s why we’ll always endeavour to make your time with us interesting, challenging and most of all enjoyable.

If you love working with professional digital marketing experts, enjoy taking responsibility for client success and are looking to progress your career by being recognised for outstanding work, then contact us on with a covering letter and your CV.

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