What’s going on in Ecommerce SEO?

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In the most recent brightonSEO we were lucky enough to gather together some of the brightest in-house search marketers at ecommerce businesses for a chat, a rant and sharing some knowledge.

We’ve run these roundtables for a few years and they’re a great opportunity to really feel the pulse of the industry. The roundtable itself is held under Chatham House Rules, which means we can’t share precisely who said what but we did want to share some general notes and findings from the event.

If you’re interested in attending future ecommerce roundtable events just email kelvin.newman@sitevisibility.com

How important is mobile SEO to your strategy?

Mobile is a very high priority. Many see visits but experience a lower conversion rate.


Are you seeing an increase in visits and sales on mobile devices to your site?

Yes substantial growth y on y.


Most well optimized.


What are your thoughts considering Googles changes to the mobile algorithm that will occur on April 21st?

Generally hopeful that low end poorly optimized competitors will lose market share to them.


Site Search How important is on site search to your business? What methods are you using to get the best from on-site search?

Google site search (gave good results). Standard Magento options poor result.


What are your thoughts about https?

Would like to move but risk is too high. Waiting for competitors to act first.


Image Search How important is image search to your business?

Not viewed as important. What methods are you using to improve your image search? No methods in place.


Page Load Speed How important is page load speed to your strategy?

Viewed as important for user experience. What methods are you using to monitor and improve page load speed? GA


Reviews & Microdata How important are reviews to your strategy?

Very important. What review platforms are you using? Revoo, BazareVoice, reviews.co.uk. Praise for reviews.co.uk.


Has your site been impacted by google panda or penguin penalties?

Yes many impacted by this. What steps are you taking to protect your site from penalties? Change in working practices, but some still violating webmaster guidelines and hoping for the best.


Social Optimization How important is it to your business?

Very important. Lots of praise for gorkana.com


Amazon & Ebay Dealing with retail platforms

Write separate product descriptions for each platform and separate for affiliate to avoid duplicate content.

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