What’s going on in Fashion SEO?

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At the most recent brightonSEO we were lucky enough to gather together some of the brightest in-house search marketers in the fashion industry for a chat, a rant and to share some knowledge.

We’ve run these roundtables for a few years and they’re a great opportunity to really feel the pulse of the industry. The roundtable itself is held under Chatham House Rules, which means we can’t share precisely who said what but we did want to share some general notes and findings from the event.

If you’re interested in attending future travel SEO roundtable events just email kelvin.newman@sitevisibility.com

Biggest challenge in last 6 months?

  • Brand cut through was the biggest problem faced by some of the fashion brands attending. Achieving traction in the SERPS against some big brands was proving harder as they all stock and sell direct. Felt they were wasting at a lot of time optimising for terms/products without much reward.
  • Dealing with seasonality and the constant change over with product ranges also caused issues. Believed they had systems in house but was by no means a perfect solution.



What are you doing about the mobile update?

  • All  the companies at the roundtable felt there where ok for the update (Many had mobile optimised sites). All received high mobile traffic, with one getting about 50% mobile due to its demographic but also the least prepared.
  • One fashion retailer had been going down a route of identifying and targeting the most important pages and making what changes they could in advance. Others had mobile sites so felt comfortable with the update.



What are the main KPIs you expect from your search agency?

  • Revenue and Sessions
  • Organic traffic growth
  • Conversions
  • Competitor positions
  • Brand vs non brand KPIs



Key successes in the past Year

  • Some had been having success with its local SEO strategy around its stores and felt they had really got to grips with this.
  • For others international successes had gone so well that they had create a new in house team to solely look after this ongoing.



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