The Importance of Great Content Marketing with @Robert_Rose – INTERNET MARKETING PODCAST #305

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In today’s podcast we are joined by Robert Rose, who is Chief Strategy Officer for the Content Marketing Institute (CMI).Robert started in marketing 25 years ago and was introduced to digital marketing in the 90s and for the past 15 years he specifically focused on digital content. He spent 8 and a half years as a CMO in a start-up company, building the idea of content marketing. Robert also has a weekly podcast called ‘PNR: This Old Marketing’ which discusses the use of content marketing now, and also bringing in past experiences. This podcast will explore the benefits of using content marketing as a strategic asset.

Robert is the author of 7th Era of Marketing’. When asked what his inspiration was, Robert explains that it is based on what himself and his co-writer (Clara Johnson) had witnessed in the market place.  They had noticed that there is a similar pattern occurring; which is content is becoming increasing important in the marketing toolbox, and as we are moving beyond the idea of developing a relationship with consumers. He states that developing a relationship with customers are becoming more complicated than ever because of the digital and the asymmetric power shift. As he puts it, consumers have much more power now to drive their buying process. It has shifted the idea of what consumers expect out of brands. Robert stresses, that building relationships are not ineffective, but it is how we develop them and delighting them as an audience first. But by beginning to drive these content driven experiences is the most important thing.  Robert explains that the book is split in two halves.  The first half of the book is on why this is happening and why it’s important. The second half of the book looks into the usage of the methodology in how business can approach this. When asked about his personal observation of organisations shifting to a content driven marketing, Robert believes that content marketing should be a centralised function of a business and that it should be an asset that should be thought of strategically.

Robert finally notes that great content marketing stands the test of time.


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