Digital Strategy and Planning with @DaveChaffey – INTERNET MARKETING PODCAST #307

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Today we are joined by Dr Dave Chaffey; he is the author and publisher of  Dave had been has worked within digital marketing for a number of years, at the time when he started, digital marketing was called internet marketing.  He ran his first workshop in 1997 at the charted institute of marketing in the UK, called Strategic Internet Marketing. Through doing these talks, there wasn’t much books to refer to back then, so this inspired him to turn his workshops into books, for people to learn about internet marketing.

Dave was asked: “why don’t businesses have a solid strategy?” Dave agreed and didn’t understand why there is a lack of digital strategy because when he asks the people that attend his digital strategy workshop, the reason why they should have one and they all give relevant useful points and resources. However, after conducting research with UBM, they found that 50% of business, did not have any digital strategy but they were doing digital strategy.

He states that there is a common misconception when writing up a strategy, especially within small business, as many they think it has to be a 30 page report, when it should truly be about the focus. For the member resources at Smartinsights it should be 1 to 2 pages of prioritising these activities. Dave mentions a strategy guide, which Smartinsights has developed, called ‘race framework’. He mentions how it will allow businesses to think through their capabilities and where they need to focus, as it’s across the whole customer life cycle. The frame work helps people to think about their strategies.



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