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40 Content Marketing Tools that will Make Your Job Easier in 2016 – Part 2: Ideation

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Last week we brought you the first in our series of posts providing you with 40 Content Marketing Tools to make you job easier in 2016, covering the tools we recommend using to help you when researching topics to write about or what topics have worked well for others. You can find that here.

This week, in part 2, we’re following on by looking at the top tools to help you generate great content ideas.

Content Marketing Tools for Ideation

9/ Quora

Marketers have been using Quora to come up with ideas for years now.

The question site lets you find questions that people are desperate for answers to, allowing you to create the content that provides those answers.

While answerthepublic is great for researching specific keyword questions, Quora is ideal for coming up with general themes for content around questions to which people want answers.

10/ Reddit

Reddit really is a bit of behemoth. Averaging around 150million page views a month, if something is popular online, you can bet it will be featured here.

A great place to see what types of content are popular right now in specific niches, you can browse ‘sub-reddits’ for a variety of topics, find the top posts and use this to come up with similar content ideas.



Like Reddit but for inbound marketers. If your content is in anyway related to marketing, you want it to be featured here, so take a look at what is currently doing well and why.

It’s also a great way to gain insight into what other content marketers are doing and doing well. Take their ideas on board and you could start seeing some great results.

12/ Growth Hackers

Similar to, Growth Hackers is a place for marketers to get together and share useful and informative content.

Make the most of their Growth studies and discussions and see if your content could benefit from the tips provided.

13/ Medium


Though it has a reputation as just a place for personal essays, Medium is a content platform that offers up a lot of useful insight into the types of content that can become ‘viral’ or at least, very popular.

Browse through the top posts, and if any from your niche stick out, try to ask why and see if you can replicate their blueprint.

If you can’t find any popular posts from your niche, consider using a top post from a different niche as a starting point and see if you could transpose their style to your particular topic.

14/ Twitter

Take a look through the trending topics on Twitter and it’ll give you a good idea of things that are currently popular. If any relate to your niche, it would make sense to create a piece of content that taps into this popularity.

Streams for Twitter search queries and/or hashtags can also be set up in Tweetdeck. Applying engagement thresholds within Tweetdeck can also help to identify the most popular content for certain topics.

15/ Pinterest

Sometimes a visual approach can be more stimulating for ideation than words alone. Pinterest is a great way to tap into that psychology.

Browse the popular boards and pins to see what types of visual content really excel on the platform. Chances are if it does well on Pinterest, it will do well everywhere else too.

Again, we hope you find these tools useful & if you have any further suggestions for any other tools, please do let us know in the comments below. Next week we’ll be looking at the top content marketing tools for creating great content.

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