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40 Content Marketing Tools that will Make Your Job Easier in 2016 – Part 3: Creation

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Welcome to Part 3 in our series of posts providing you with 40 Content Marketing Tools to make your job easier in 2016. In part 1 we looked at tools to help you at the research stage and last week we discussed tools to help you come up with great content ideas. This week, we take a look at the tools to help you with the creation of content.




Sticking with the visual theme, Content Marketing isn’t just about words on a page. Sometimes the best way to communicate the message is in the form of a graphic or image. allows you to find graphic designers and freelancers who can make your content ideas come to life, or even come up with ideas on your behalf.

17/ Gimp

If you’re a bit more creative yourself, why not use Gimp to create your own graphics. Essentially this is Photoshop for those who can’t stretch to the (substantial) cost.

Free and easy to use, it’s a graphic design staple.

18/ Issuu

Do you create a whole slew of content regularly? Do you kind of wish you could create a tangible, even printed magazine of all this great content? Well Issuu could be the solution for you.

It lets you pull together all the content you’d like into one single publication that can be distributed on a number of platforms to be read on mobile, tablet and desktop or even printed on demand.

19/ Contently


The full content marketing solution for a number of medium-sized brands. Where lets you hire and commission freelance graphic designers, provides the platform for every aspect of your content creation – from hiring copywriters to strategists to offering a full CMS and analytics dashboard. This really is the complete package.

20/ KnowledgeVision

Over the years, the internet has become more and more focused on video as a content medium, but the costs of video production have remained high.

With KnowledgeVision, video production need not be extortionate. Essentially, KnowledgeVision is a multimedia software solution that helps brands create videos and interactive content from presentations, for learning or marketing purposes.

A very useful package for those who have existing content but are looking for a way to make it more interesting and useful.

21/ Shareist

Curation is as much a part of content marketing as creation, and Shareist is the perfect platform for this.

Allowing you to add content from various feeds (social, RSS etc.) you can schedule social media posts and have them cycle and repeat so that your profiles are always sharing valuable content to your audiences.

22/ Storify

One problem with having so many popular social media platforms is knowing where the best conversation on a certain topic is happening.

Storify lets you compile stories on a specific topic that can include conversations from all across the web. This means you can compile and curate a comprehensive timeline of a particular issue or event, with content from Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and many more, all to be displayed in one central place.

A very useful tool if you’re live tweeting or reporting on a story or event as it’s happening.

23/ Prezi


One only need look at the huge popularity of TED talks to see how integral presentations have become to content creation on the web.

Yet despite this, many presentations still haven’t evolved from the simple powerpoint slides that have been around for years.

This is where Prezi comes in. It helps you create interesting and innovative presentation decks without gimmicks. When the CEO of TED gives presentation software a shining recommendation, it’s probably worth trying:

“Prezi is helping to reinvent the art of presentation”

Chris Anderson, CEO at TED

Again, we hope that you find these useful, look out for next week’s post where we’ll be looking at tools to help market your content. If there are any tools we’ve missed that you love to use, please share them in the comments below.

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