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Top 5 speakers we’re looking forward to at BrightonSEO: no.5 Andrew Halliday – Basic Guide to Server Analysis

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Ahead of BrightonSEO next Thursday and Friday, we’ve chosen 5 speakers that we’re really excited to see. Over the next week we’ll be sharing recently collated and popular content from each speaker that we’ve chosen. Hopefully, we’ll be able to help you plan your day at the conference and decide where to spend your time. You’ll also get an insight into the kinds of topics that speakers are likely to cover, as well as some great content, including some of our recent Internet Marketing Podcast episodes! Up first, Andrew Halliday:

About Andy

Andrew Halliday is a self-confessed SEO geek. In his own words he describes himself as “a technical guy who loves data”. He says “PR is great and I really do appreciate the importance but I am a geek at heart. Whether it’s doing a technical audit, sorting out the code on a site or doing server log analysis, I’m happy.”

Andrew has been in the industry for over 4 years now, previously working as head of SEO and PPC at ebuyer, and he’s currently working as the SEO manager for a FTSE 100 company.

During his career he’s also worked as a freelancer and over time has grown this work into a small agency in Doncaster helping local Yorkshire companies with their digital marketing. It was recently rebranded as Indago Media.

You can follow Andrew on twitter here.

What to expect at BrightonSEO

We spoke to Andrew about BrightonSEO and what he’s looking forward to. Here’s what he had to say:

“I am actually really looking forward to speaking and especially trying to encourage more people to do server log analysis. It’s so easy to do and you can get some great insights, but some people are just afraid / scared that it’s too difficult so I just want to show how easy it is. I have a few clients who literally pay me just to do server log analysis as they are too busy, but if you have a medium size site you only need about 1-2 hours a week to do the analysis.”

Andrew’s Podcast

Andrew was also a recent guest on the Internet Marketing Podcast where he spoke about Server Logs, tying in nicely with his talk at BrightonSEO. You can listen to the podcast here, where Andrew discusses what a server log is, why we need this data, how to access and modify it and what we can do with the resulting information. He also offers an overview of the main HTTP Status Codes, great for those who want to become more familiar with them.

Video Content

Further to his podcast episode and upcoming talk on Server Analysis, Andrew’s also recently posted a couple of useful videos on the subject. Firstly, a video on converting server log files into a CSV file which you can watch below:

and secondly, a really simple video showing you how, by ticking just one box, you can do great server log analysis:

You can also find both videos on his site with additional notes here and here.

Where to find him on the day

If you want to see Andrew Halliday at BrightonSEO, he’ll be speaking between 11.30 and 12.45 in the Fundamentals session in the Deep Dive Founders Room. The session has limited capacity and as such entry is granted on a first come, first served basis. If you don’t have a wristband, we’d suggest getting down early to guarantee your spot.

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