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5 speakers we’re looking forward to at BrightonSEO: No.3 Jon Earnshaw – How to Fix any SEO Problem

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Each day in the run up to BrightonSEO, we’re running through the top 5 speakers that we’re most looking forward to seeing. We’re providing an insight into some of the recent topics they’ve covered in their talks, as well as sharing some of the content that they’ve recently created. We’ve already looked at Andrew Halliday and Erica McGillivray and next up is Jon Earnshaw.

About Jon

Jon Earnshaw is CTO of Pi Datametrics, an SEO and content platform specialising in providing search performance data for global corporations. (Pi Datametrics are also the guys behind the official BrightonSEO pub quiz at the Black Horse pub, opposite the Dome at 4pm).

If you want to connect with Jon, you can follow him on twitter here for marketing related tweets, plus if you want to check out his other account with more food based tweets, follow @tasty_tweats.

Jon’s Talk

Jon’s made a bold statement, naming his talk “How to fix any SEO problem”. This alone has us intrigued.

Sceptical? We’ve curated a bunch of Jon’s recent talks and topics below, which should help give you an idea of what to expect.

Recent Talks

Jon is somewhat of a regular at BrightonSEO, having spoken at the event a number of times over the years. His talks have always proved to be popular, but don’t take our word for it, here are some of Jon’s biggest fans.

At the last conference in September, Jon spoke about the effects of stolen content in Google with his talk, Is your content working better for someone else?  The talk was extremely successful with Jon sharing real life examples of thieves flourishing in search results. Want to know his top tips for catching these guys red-handed? Recap with his session below:

Here are the slides from that talk:

At the 20:20 Digital Marketing summit, which took place in last month, Jon covered the topic of duplicate content with his talk Duplicate Content: SEO’s biggest nightmare.

Jon’s Podcast

Jon was a recent guest on the Internet Marketing Podcast discussing Content Cannibalisation. He spoke about what it is and how it might be affecting the visibility of your website. He also provided some common examples he’s seen in the past and his solutions for avoiding and fixing them. It’s well worth a listen, if we do say so ourselves!


Jon also recently presented a webinar entitled What is content cannibalisation and how to prevent it which you can watch below:

Where to find him on the Day

If you want to catch Jon, and we definitely recommend that you do, he’ll be speaking in the Results Session moderated by Kelvin between 14.30 and 15.45 in the Concert Hall. Don’t miss out!

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