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5 speakers we’re looking forward to at brightonseo: No 2. Rob Bucci – Deep diving into featured snippets

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Unsure who to see at BrightonSEO on Friday? Fear not, each day in the run up to BrightonSEO, we’re publishing a list of the speakers that we’re most looking forward to seeing. We’re providing curated content from each speaker to give you an idea of their previous appearances and work, giving you an insight into the kind of topics that may be covered during their talk at the conference. Yesterday we spoke about Jon Earnshaw and we’ve also covered Andrew Halliday and Erica McGillivray. Next up on our list is Rob Bucci.

About Rob

Working in SEO since 2005 as a developer and entrepreneur, Rob Bucci is the founder and CEO of STAT Search Analytics, one of our favourite SEO tools based in Vancouver. You can follow him on twitter here.

Previously at BrightonSEO

Rob’s spoken at BrightonSEO before, back in 2014 where he spoke about Localising SEO Performance. He covered a unique case study on the local performance of Geico for auto insurance keywords and you can watch the talk below:

You can also find the slides of the presentation below.


Recent Talk

Rob recently spoke at SEOyvr, a Meetup community of SEO’s in Vancouver about how evergreen content can create an SEO fly wheel. You can check out the slides from the talk – The Magic of Evergreen Content below:



Last year, Rob released a downloadable whitepaper on the STAT site, Reverse Engineering your Competitors’ SEO Strategies. The Whitepaper looks at into 3 of the UK’s biggest online retailer’s, Amazon, Argos and eBay’s strategies and reverse-engineers them using SERP data. There are some interesting takeaways as well as some big surprises and it’s great if you want to take advantage of large volumes of SERP data to gain a competitive advantage. If you don’t have time to read the whitepaper you can watch the STATcast presentation from Rob below:

What to expect at BrightonSEO

Over on this blog post, the guys at STAT explain that over the last few month’s they’ve been “analysing mountains of data and uncovering oodles of insights on featured snippets — when snippets occur, what query types generate them, and how you can earn more” – personally we can’t wait! To get a head start, they’ve also produced a whitepaper on the subject – How to get more featured snippets as recommended reading beforehand.

Where to find him at BrightonSEO

If you want to see Rob’s talk at BrightonSEO you’ll be able to find him in the Future-Proof session in the concert hall between 09:45 and 11:00.

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